Piers follows me, the two of us staying quiet. Neither of us are really the talking type, being on a mission makes conversation practically impossible. Walking through countless hallways, I'm suprised to find that I actually do remember this place. My thoughts are cut off by footsteps behind us. Piers and I run around the corner and look back. They didn't see us, but are heading this way. 6 men in black robes and 1 in a red robe. I glance at Piers who nods. Just as we're about to turn the corner, shooting the robed zombies, some come up behind Piers. They are running at full speed. I aim and he sees this, turning. I start to shoot as Piers is turning. They shoot as soon as I do. Piers falls to the ground, yelling in pain. When he hits the ground, he continues to shoot. Only 4 we're there, but the other 7 have caught up. I turn the corner, grabbing my knife. The are unarmed, so I take my chance. Piers shoots 4 of them, head shots, and I take out the remaining 3. When they have all stopped, I look down each hallway. It's clear. I then run to Piers who has proped himself against the wall, holding his right leg.
"Your the medic, tell me what to do."
He nods,"See how many times I was shot. I think twice."
I can hear the pain in his voice, even though he's trying not to show it. Cutting off his right pant's leg, I see the blood now. One wound near the top of his leg, the other in between his ankle and knee.
"There are two entry wounds, no exit wounds."
He nods,"You have to take out the bullet."
I nod thinking of a small lab where they experimented on things up ahead,"Do you think you can walk with help?"
He nods, and I put his arm around me. I help him up and we start walking toward the lab.