Blended by A. Katherine C.
Chapter 7
I stepped back looking at the large man. i looked over and saw El. i had to protect her. i had to show him. i sighed. "well?" i heard him say. i had to. so i did the unthinkable. i flung out my giant, white, 16 foot wings. "well, son of god," he said "you have proved, what are you?" he asked turning to El. he began to stomp over to her. "STOP!" i yelled "leave her alone!"i said sharply "what are you?" he asked her. she studdered "mer-m-mermaid." he laughed "you think im stupid?"he asked. "no." she said weakly " it just-im just-half." "then whats your other half?" she said something i couldnt hear."fine if you wont tell me, then lets see you swim." he picked her up and held her high. "Leon!" she shreiked my name. she wriggled trying to get free. "leave her alone!" i yelled, but it was too late.

arent i lucky? i got to read this book before it came out. heres a little taste. out in stores febuary!!