happy 2013, people.

fresh start?

this year will bring big changes. I'll have a second try at travelling out of the country in a few days (first time wasn't so hot), & after that should have an interesting semester with classes I enjoy, probably losing the office job in the spring, and becoming full-time at the radio station this summer, living on-campus (which will make the whole eating smart thing IMMENSELY EASIER.). probably a road trip to the east coast in the summer, then with any luck I'll head down to Nashville Sept.-Dec., and ring in 2014 back home.

along the way alliances will be formed, hearts broken, new friends made, new places discovered, goals attained, and new ones developed.

and yet, I find dwelling on the "now" much more interesting.


ended up going to Appleton to visit mom when she was on call. Karen & I watched My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Bride, and clinked our gas station glass bottles of cherry/orange New Ulm pop at midnight.

another day of nothing today, despite everything I wanted to get done. Mostly done packing, just have to do laundry and double-check what I'm wearing each day.

and I'm not entirely sure I brought my camera home, either. haha....

I may or may not borrow mother's new camera, then. As I'm borrowing her suitcase, that would work out fine.

With any luck, she and Karen will be able to swing by campus once the semester starts up and can deliver my laptop & such (as I don't want it sitting in my car in sub-zero temperatures for a week).

I'm nervous. Self-confidence is out the window, I have to worry about handling money and a really nice phone and camera, really REALLY bad complexion, and I'm totally screwed if my period comes while we're down there WITHOUT RUNNING WATER.



stupid house.

stupid packing.

stupid face.

stupid money.

I want this to go well. IT SHALL GO WELL.

I need to work now so that when I get there, and next semester starts, every worry shall slide off my back.

this can happen.