Okay so I got off the phone with my bestfriend (Silvercat) If you know who that is, she is doing fine with her life an has finally found a good man.

~Starting of rant~

My friend calls my mom so that she can get her all caught up on everything that has been happening in her life (My friend loves my mom an calls her mum too). Nothing bad with that. What gets me is after Silver tells my mom that she finally found a good man my mother pops off with "Can you find Jakovy...." (I'm not going to disclose my real name sorry) ".... a good man?"

Then Silver tells her that all the good men are taking and then my mother retorts with a "Then can you make her one!?" So to switch the topic Silver says back "I can but then he would be too young for her." My mom ends to subject with "That is a good point." An caries on with talking about what has been going on threw the year.

Basically I'm sick an tired of my family's bull s**t about the whole Samurai is not a good enough man/ father/ boyfriend. They will HAVE to accept him. He has been providing for me and my daughter. We are being taken care of. We are not in harms way. He treats my daughter like a princess and treats me like a queen.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM!!!! I don't understand why my parents don't understand that. An I'm about to cut them out of the picture entirely.

~End Rant~

Tell me what you would do in this kinda situation please, because I'm getting sick and tired of having to fight for my family to stay together an for MYSELF to be happy.