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Mizo's Journal-With-Other-Stuff
Well, it's just a journal! It's full of my rambles, notes, character outlines, even fanfictions! I love all of the sorts. If you came across this at random, you can take a look around or leave. Whichever works for you! ^^
Finding Lia (Story - Part One)
Asmodia wasn’t normal. She was well aware of that. The weird looks people would give her, their constant pointing and glaring at her in jealousy, those were signs that she was different. She didn’t quite enjoy that kind of spotlight. “Sure, I have cat ears and a tail…” she muttered under her breath, “but I’m not all that different from all the other humans…I think…” She sighed. Asmodia gazed at her hands as if in a daze. “I remember that these were paws… I wish they would still be paws, though…” she said quietly. Suddenly, she walked into another person. “Oh… Ermm… Sorry,” said a quiet voice. Asmodia looked up at the man that was standing in front of her. He had blonde hair that was slicked back, but not in a way that made him seem rough. Instead, he seemed very nerdy and kind of like a dork. A pink tinge formed on her face, then she shook her head and glared at him. “You SHOULD be sorry! I mean, you should be watching where you’re going!”, Asmodia yelled. He flinched at the sudden outburst. “If that’s the case, is there any way I can make it up to you?” the nerdy looking guy asked. The violet haired girl looked surprised. She was expecting him to apologize again, maybe even run off. Most people kind of treated her like a monster since she was a lot like a cat. “Well… Why don’t you buy me some food?!” Asmodia shouted, trying to seem tough. Instead of being shocked, he had a soft smile on his face and replied, “That sounds like a perfect way to apologize! My name is Collin. What ever is your name?” Her face turned a very nice shade of red. She hoped for him to possibly reject or run off, crying. “I- Uh- M-my name is Asmodia, and don’t wear it out!” she tried to yell, but it sounded more like a squeak. Collin chuckled. “That’s a fairly peculiar name. It is very nice to meet you, Asmodia.” At that remark, she just wanted to scream at him in anger. However, she couldn’t muster up the guts to do so. As the two walked off to eat something, they passed by the poster that showed a picture of a missing, purple cat. A fairly strange looking one, but adorable and elegant all the same. The poster read:

Missing Cat!
Last seen looking like this. Name is Lia!
Call this number if found: XXX – XXX – XXXX
Reward of $500!
(It's still a work in progress. Feel free to tell me if you like it or not! Also, Criticism would be GREAT! ; u; )

- Little Bunny Mizo -
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- Little Bunny Mizo -
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    commentCommented on: Tue Feb 12, 2013 @ 05:04am
    I really like this story, as fr as I am concerned I don't see ny flaws. Then again this is coming from a girl who dosn't know english that well cat_sweatdrop

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