Bleegh, what the heck Xero Gravity! The boo compliments me and likes the things i like yum_puddi but Gryff! He is just so clawsome and all cool and junk! And I asked Gryff to the New Fears dance and got NO REPLY BACK! Next thing I know im in my room watching PSG and Xero Gravity comes to take me to the dance! So, I go with him. It was kinda scary though considering his space ship thing has NO BRAKES and we had to land in some trees. I have heard him sing before but wow he is so cool on that stage! He's just super OMGs and im all boring and normal. He's super funny and sweet. But he Likes Melody and I like Gryff. So its like this huge kinda love pentagon because Melody has a boofriend!

emotion_8c why is everything so complicated