I did not work out today, which is SO unlike me! I guess I just needed some rest!

2 Bananas-200cals

1 Greek Yogurt Serving-100cals

1/2 Cup Eggnog-180cals
Quality Sweet Chocolate Sweet-88cals
I know, I feel like a pig, but it is the New Year, so I can call that my MEGA UNHEALTHY CHEAT, die a little inside and then put that behind me.

Total Calories-568

That is more then I would normally have, but I keep telling myself that it's a new year, I will EAT CLEAN NO MATTER WHAT!

If I ate clean today I would have only been at 300cals.
When I think of it that way, I feel so guilty, I won't fail myself again!


I will sweat AT LEAST once a day, I will work harder on my bodybuilding & I will EAT CLEAN NO MATTER WHAT!