I am having surgery in exactly 1 week, on January 7, and I am very nervous!

I have never been put to sleep before, I really hope that I don't wake up terrified or hurting!

I have never felt luckier, I am not the type of person that this Surgery is given to, I am young, 'healthy' despite Anorexia & Bulimia and Married to a young healthy Soldier. I am getting a Tubal Ligation, I'm getting my tubes tied.

I will never have children, and that makes me feel like the luckiest woman on the planet! I despise children, and I don't want to end up FAT and depressed like all the other women my age.

I put myself first(as well as my Husband and puppies) I don't care what everyone thinks, I don't need to have a child to be important.

Having a child isn't the only thing women can do, unless you're a USELESS, attention seeking HO.

I strive to be perfect in every single way, and yes, it does involve surgery.