Happy New Year 2013 gaia_angelright

yum_strawberry yum_cupcake yum_strawberry

Today I got Spring Nouveau for 9,000g. I'm so happy! yum_puddi

I should be saving every gold I win in order to buy Doki Doki Deito, my next big wish, but when I saw it for just 9,000... I just can't help it! Love the roses crown of Spring Nouveau so much.

To be honest just have some dresses or complements by now... because I'm quite obsessed with the backgrounds xD So I'm trying to get the backgrounds I like first.
Backgrounds one of my most favourite items but there are some not-as-great things about them. For example, when you go to play zOMG or to Towns your background just come with you... and it can be pretty annonying. So even if I love them and I do my best to buy the ones I like the most I end using them too little emotion_8c