"You humans hear my name and instantly think of a dreadful, hateful beast, a demon. My purpose and meaning has been twisted for centuries upon centuries to mean that horror, of evil, of darkness and flames. I am the destroyer? The devil? The horrible and the damned? The sick, the cruel, the enemy of all that is good? I am the one that sits upon this fiery throne passing judgement onto those who have sinned, those who have lived a life of hatred and vengeance. I do not reward them, I punish them. My work is not pleasurable, it is sorrowful, I weep at the numbers sent to me. I sentence the immortality damned to an eternity of pain and suffering, would a man who embodies pure evil do such a thing? No. I am the avenger of the weak, the enforcer of the divine law. I am justice."

- Lucifer (Fictional one in the book that I'm gonna write. I pondered the meaning of good and evil, and I thought of him as the hand of justice, not the menace of the holy, and then I thought of some dialogue for him, then this inspired a book idea.)

"My friend, I can see the future. It's a beautiful future in a beautiful world. Fear does not exist there, nor does pain or sadness. There is no death, and there is no hate. The weak walk alongside the strong, and neither bear any ill will. There is no disease, no afflictions, no worry or stress. Burdens are lifted as soon as they arise, and tragedies are merely myths thought up for entertainment. Laughter is so abundant that it is our air, and smiles are permanent, as if they were our lips' natural position. War is unheard of, as is corruption, greed, and pain. Love will motivate all actions, and every realm will bathe in everlasting joy and peace. Yes, that is the future I see, but it can only come about if everyone wills it. Azazel, my friend, my dear friend that I like upon like a brother, will you help me? Will you help me bring this future to life? Say yes, and a thousand blessings will rain down upon us for our deed; say no, and there will only be more bloodshed, more death, more tears and sorrow. I can see your answer in your eyes, say it, Azazel, say it and let us begin."