Today looks like another two-for-one post ideal due to the mindless tidings of the ED.
Post for looks and blasts: (whatever; it sounded good)
I like some feminists; others can go ******** themselves.
I like some liberals; others can go ******** themselves.
I like some gay rights people, others can...
Those guys viewpoints
Those other guys... you get the point.

The people of the world tend to call themselves something on a politically correct spectrum. There are those certain "gay rights activists" that may be in need of being thrown against a wall, some "feminists" make comments about how they wish to circumcise their male child so he can not feel sexual pleasure, and definitely a long list of "conservatives" that need their heads examined by an autopsy specialist to find the point of entry from the gunshot wound.

In this world of politically correct a**-cracks, people tend to either fully support or fully bash a person based on a word. That's right, they're so damn moronic that they attack everyone in the 'team' as if they're all either completely competent or completely incompetent.

"Feminists suck!"
"Feminists rock!"

Based off of what misleading definition?

Let's take a minor example at how moronic people actually are: Video Game Definitions. The entire gaming 'community', whether officially or unofficially, cannot come to terms on anything. This isn't just subjective terms about whether they like a game or how the difficulty level is perceived based upon player experience (easy for you hard for me and vice versa), this is bad to the point no one can actually agree upon the definition of a ******** word.

Let's take "hardcore" vs. "casual" for a comparison. Every time someone mentions it, it's rarely taken at face value of the definition they're referring to. Both terms have these general definitions:

1. Either/or are based upon perceived difficulty level.
(Hardcore = subjectively "high" difficulty; Casual = subjectively "low" difficulty)
2. Either/or are based upon playing in tournaments.
(Hardcore = tournament competition for prize; Casual = not for money/fame)
3. Either/or are based upon time spent playing video games.
(Hardcore = thousands of hours; Casual = an hour a day or less)
4. Either/or are based upon average length of time required to finish said game.
(Hardcore = 50+ hours; Casual = 5 hours or less)
5. Either/or are based upon genre. (in the event they agree upon what genre the game actually is...)
(Hardcore = ??? genre; Casual = ??? genre, "Casual" gets mostly aimed at Puzzle games like Bejeweled or Tetris)
6. Either/or can actually be a genre.
(both are extremely subjective and may be placed on any game, once again not depicting why it's considered "Casual" or "Hardcore" wink

Long story short, there are "gamers" that I like and "gamers" that need to get far away from me. Of course, that evens comes down to those labels, just like the politically correct ones, where I'd have a hard time taking someone who claims the word seriously until their actual viewpoints are spoken. Claim to be a "Hardcore Gamer", well, you're already getting on my bad side by using that word, but if you can use one of those definitions that's not based off of subjective reasoning, I'll give you a shot. Same goes for Conservatives, Feminists, Libertarians; it doesn't matter.

I can't personally claim to use a term unless I'm familiar with it's use. I'm familiar with the stupidity of all people who claim any sort of political correctness with these blanket terms. (covers everyone so snugly... with that blanket, but you're on a very dysfunctional 'Team')

I just plainly don't like it if you use the term. State your opinions and viewpoints directly, otherwise the stupidity of the people who also use that term will come to bite you in the a**. Don't protect them all, and don't attack them all. Don't claim everyone who is against your viewpoint is a "Liberal", and don't claim everyone who might be on your side is a "Conservative" or possibly a "Moderate". For all I know, the "Moderate" is the person who takes the worst viewpoints from both sides and unites them.

Oh, and Happy New Year, or something.