Some of the people who are in that wealth status are people like Regis Philbin and Dave Chapelle, the people while everyone says "tax the rich" just gets targeted that are essentially nobodies but a pretty face (subjectively) on TV. The whole "Tax the rich" scheme is always nothing but arguments about CEO-type people, business owners and what-not that get all defensive about nothing.

I don't see why or how anyone who thinks taxing the rich will all-of-a-sudden make the government tax the common people less. All it basically sounds like is a way to get a government that has its head far enough up its a** to take that new-found tax loophole from over-taxing, let's say Goldman Sachs, in order to take the taxes taken from Goldman Sachs in order to hand it right back to them, with interest, in the form of bailout money. Then they'd use the rest of the tax money on military surplus to go find gems on a cliff-side in the middle of a war-zone.

Get a Congress that's not made up of morons, then I'd consider whether or not the new batch of morons should have more tax money.

(I deleted this after I posted it in a thread, cause I like these things being mainly like, BAM, right in your face, always there, and that I despise these types of conversations in the ED. [The chance of a response from those certain people in there, ugh...])