theres a fine, fine line between brilliance and insanity
and as with any line, there are those who walk along it.
there is a a mix of wonder and fear that come with daring to walk that line
theres beauty and terror, horrible lies that numb you to your very core and exquisite truths that burn like red hot iron-
sometimes its hard to tell where the line is... it become a blur that fades away
and there are other times when its as clear and sharp as a blade.
a blade that cuts into your very being, as you dance along its razor edge.
the pain and fear just add to the craving, the longing to see more of both worlds
but you also know that you must be careful for if you stumble too far into either, you may not be able to find your way back. you'll sink into the dark abyss that you gazed into for so long...
maybe in the end, this is all our fate. to fall, to slip away into the night. perhaps.

but it seems my meandering mind calls to me to leave this place of clarity and walk back into the fog, so I go.