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Anything and everything from the mind of a schizophrenic. Enjoy the read, but don't read too much
Halfblood, Miyu's Story
Chapter 1
As I was running through the thick forest I saw men starting to surround me. They were bad men, they were attacking me from every direction. I tried to keep them away by attacking them back but they were too strong and there were too many of them. Then all of a sudden there was a surge of pain in my shoulder and my vision went black. When I woke up I was on the ground, though I still could not see. After a moment of confusing blackness I started to hear a voice.The voice was soft like velvet but firm, as if the voice was afraid. A few minutes later I was able to see: there was a dark haired man at my side whispering "Please be okay". I tried to move but to my surprise I was in too much pain so I groaned in agony of pain. He flinched at my sound. All of a sudden I found myself in the strange man's arms. My arms pressed at his chest, he is warm. Then I noticed there was blood everywhere, my instant reaction was to push the man away and stare with fear and shock. "What is wrong" he asked in a concerned velvet voice, holding my shoulders. "Th-the.. Blood..... What happened" I asked with my right hand at the bottom of my chest. "Don't worry about the blood. All that matters is that you are safe" he then picked me up as if i weighed ten pounds.Then it went black again......
I woke up in a strange place layed upon a soft bed across the room is a lit fireplace.In a corner he sat in a small wooden chair. It appeared as if he was asleep. Then something crashed through the window at my left. The man leapt off his chair and killed it before it was all the way through the window and before i saw it.. He walked towards me and i backed away curious to meet his eyes.He then looked at me, his eyes cautious but warm. "Are you okay" he asked, his voice gentle like velvet. "I- I'm fine. Thank you..." I answered looking at the bed. Just then i realized that I was in different clothes, my eyes widened."What's wrong" he asked, this time he was alert. "I'm fine.. It's nothing.."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Oh no my parents must be worried!"
"Do you want me to take you home" he asked.
"Well umm....." He swept me off my feet before I could answer. We were out the window before i could say no. Moments later i was in my own room. The next morning I went down stairs to se boxes and furniture, my two sisters and my mother loading them out of the house. "What is going on" I asked after a moment of watching them. "Morning Miyu" my younger sister, Siya said. "Oh, mom forgot to tell you we are moving when before you left for camp, didn't she?"
"Where are we moving to" I asked
"To aunt Manoming's house down in..... Well you know, where all those new kids like Kaia and me."
"Ooh, cool I know where that is-" realizing what happened last night, the attacking men and the boy who saved me. "Miyu?" my mom caught me within my thoughts. "Go up stairs and get dressed. We have a lot of work this morning." she ordered me.
"Okay" I answered and went back upstairs.
A we started unloading the truck someone covered my eyes. I heard my aunt's playful voice "You can take her, we will finish unloading" then another somehow familiar male voice answer "I'll have her back by twilight" in that instant i was off my feet in warm arms, my eyes still covered. Once he was sure he was out of sight of my family, he put me down on my feet and uncovered my eyes. I knew I recognised his voice it was the one who saved me last night. "You-"
"I know what you are about to say and I know" he said before I could finish. "What is your name anyways" I asked conversationally, hearing my younger sister listening in through the bushed at the corner. "My name is Amara Kuhnxaki" he answered politely. I blushed as he said his name. "And how old are you" I was curious about so many things but I only questioned the basics. "I am fifteen" he was cautious of his answer. I tilted my head to one side. "Oh I see..." That is when his friends showed up and closed the subject. "Hey, Amara. Is that your girlfriend?" the broad male on the far left side asked. Another one choked on their own laughter.I blushed at that thought, embarrassed. "C'mon guys, I thought I told you already...." he was embarrassed too. "Where were you going to take me" I asked to change the subject. "Oh right. Sorry I-".
A tree crashed between us and the others making amara pull me back, too bad for me being a klutz. He had me in an iron grip in half a second. My eyes widened in fear as the tree hit the ground- almost me- and the speed of his reaction. Then there was a band of people with fangs showing, pail enough to be dead and they were all staring at me as if they were hungry. All I wanted to do at that moment was scream but I know that I would die at that moment if I did. Amara jumped with me still in his arms and then we were in a tree. The others were crouching as if they were going to attack or defend against those pale ones.
He held my shoulders forcing me to face him. "Stay here and be quiet" it sounded more like a warning than anything else. Then he was gone. I held my breath for a long moment, forgetting how to exhale. A few long minutes later one of the attackers was in front of me. I tried to scream but it took my face- covering my mouth- in its hand. Then everything went black. I woke up in the middle of the street with a voice through the blackness. "Miyu, please wake up" the voice said. It sounded frantic as if the owner of the gentle voice was scared of or for something. I was starting to be able to see just then. In my sight I could make out a figure with black hair.
As I looked around I could see blood. Then something cold touched my face. I looked up to see Amara looking down at me, his hair as black as onyx though his eyes are blue as the sea.. Just then I realized what had happened but I could not remember what happened after that creature attacked me in the tree. Amara stared at me with caution as I got up. After that he rose as well but more gracefully. "What happened" I wondered aloud. "You don't remember?" he asked me as he helped me up the rest of the way."I really don't" I answered as I stumbled and he caught me in his arms.I pulled away immediately, blushed as I looked away from him and towards the blood and bodies. "It appeared as if you blacked out when that vampire attacked you...." he trailed off. My younger sister ran up to us at that moment. I looked down at her curious. "Hey, Siya. Whats up?" I asked casually."Weren't you just-" her eyes were wide and she looked as if she was scared of, or rather for something. "I think you were imagining things again" I told her smiling.Just then my aunt called us over to the house to help her finish unpacking. We got mostly the heavy items like furniture.
I Woke up the next morning with the sun shining in my eyes. I went down stairs, when I looked around all I could see is blood, then I saw the bodies of my family. I was about to scream when a hand covered my mouth. "It will be okay, I promise" Amara's voice sent tears down my cheeks. "It will be okay..." he let go of my mouth and hugged me to comfort me. "Miyu... Will you live with me for the time being" he asked in a worried but gentle tone. I could not answer so I simply nodded.

Chapter 2
After school a few weeks later, I was walking out of the building when Amara tackled me into the snow. He did not look like his normal self, he looked hungry. Just then he took me in his arms and bit my neck. I was soo scared that I pushed away and ran off, ripping his fangs out of my
neck.I ran as fast and far as I could, pretty soon I was out of town. I found myself surrounded by trees.
As nightfall grew, I soon after grew tired, my pace slowed and eventually stopped. Sitting on the ground, leaning against a large tree I saw a hutch. Not very modern, but it was cute in a way.
As I walked towards the hutch I saw a guy standing near a river. I walked up to him curiously, but cautiously. He looked at me with his dark lonely eyes, his short white hair wrestling in the wind."What are you doing all the way out here, kid" he asked in a gruff voice.
"I.. Erm..."
"You are Amara's lover aren't you?"
"I am not his lover" I abruptly shouted loud enough to scare birds out of the trees surrounding.
"You are Miyu, am I not correct?"
"Yes, you are correct, but how do you know who I am" I asked.
Just then a creature unlike I've ever seen appeared at the end of the dock. It was creepy, almost spirituel. I flinched at the sight of it. I don't exactly know how but I somehow ended up waking up in a bed."Erm-Mm.."
"Oh. I was beginning to think you weren't going to wake up" I heard a gruff voice chuckle. I looked over to see the white-haired guy sitting in a wooden chair a few feet from the bed."Very funny..." I said sitting up quickly, much too quickly, it made me dizzy. I held my head. "You really must not sit up soo fast." he touched my shoulder much faster than any normal person I have ever seen-he went from the chair which was a few feet away to me-.
All of a sudden something stirred into the window to the left of the bed across the large room. The white-haired one took out a knife immediately and went after it. A flash of lightning made it possible to see for a moment, which made me able to see what-or wether who- it was.It was Amara. Then all of the growling of the two stopped, and the room went quiet for a long minute.Then Amara was at my side "I'm soo sorry.. I promise I will never do that to you again. They drove me out of town I-" I stopped him by touching his cold lips with my fingertip. "It will be okay, I promise... I forgive you." I soothed him, wrapping my arms around his neck. The white-haired one walked up to the bed"They are coming"
Amaa's eyes flew open, and he straightened himself, leaving my arms limp in the bed."How soon?" He asked. "I'm not sure but they are close enough to hear our growling"
"God damn it!"
"What's going on" I asked, half scared. "Don't worry right now Miyu. At the moment, we have to get you out of here" His voice was firm rather than soft. He lifted me off of the bed and onto his back and jumped out of the window into the dark night with the white haired man close behind. They ran for hours and eventually I fell asleep. The sun came up probably hours after I fell asleep, which woke me up and they were still running.The forest was thicker than I remember "Oh you are awake" Amara looked behind himself, at me as I looked up at him and yawned. "s**t they are faster than I thought, they are here" the white haired man growled. "Are you serious" Amara asked. Then something sharp went through my back, right below my left shoulder blade. "Ow that is not comfortable......" I said, it did not hurt as much as I'd thought it would."Miyu, are you okay" the white haired man asked. "I'm fine" I answered.
After a few moments there was unbearable pain, where the bullet hit me. "Eno, go alert the others that we are coming, I'll hold these guys off" Amara ordered him as he set me down at the base of a tree. I was barely conscious by then, but something happened at that moment. There was an unbelieveable surge of power that went through my entire body. The pain was gone and before I knew it, I was going after those men like a bat outta hell. A few minutes after I finished them off I heard a female voice "Leon, get her out of here before she destroys the forest" she said. I looked at her ordering Amara very curious about her calling him by a different name. "Miyu, are you okay with this state that you are in" Amara asked.
"She called you Leon....." I tilted my head as I looked at him, my crouched defensive position locked in place. "Yes, that is my name- My first name. Amara ia my second name, humans know my first name as a murderous vampire. That is why I fled the city once you ran off, but you were much faster than I expected to get to Eno's cabin before I did" he explained to me what made sense in my own not-so-domestic mind. Leon held his hand out to me as if he thought I was going to attack. My position broke and I fell, nearly unconscious. "You need blood don't you" he smiled at my side gently holding me up with both arms around my waist. Just then I realized then my K-9 teeth were longer and sharper than normal. "Am I a-" He had his wrist slit open and in my mouth before I could finish. All I could do then was drink until I was asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night in what seemed like an open-faced treehouse, with Leon at the far corner posting as a guard, or at least it seemed like that. My bright red hair was behind me, yet it felt longer than it was before. It was cropped short, but now it seemed long. I sat up to get a view of my now long hair-it was lower than my waist no doubt. Then he noticed that I was awake, he went over to me in a flash that I could somehow see, it was slightly faster than human speed. He came with a blanked knowing that I was cold and wrapped it around me. "What am I" I asked in a gentle suprano voice that surprised me."You are a half blood" he answered. It fell silent for a few seconds then he continued. "You are half vampire and half...." he trailed off. "Half what" I was curious and anxious to know. "I'm not quite sure, I've never come across a half blood before. They are extremely rare, you could say" he answered. He sounded very tired so I let the silence rise until I fell asleep again. He did as well soon after.

Chapter 3
I woke up the next morning with Leon behind me, holding me by the waistline in a soft iron grip. Beside the fortress, near a lake there was a large bonfire. All I could think about at the time was how close he was to me, his warmth seeping through my clothes. He soon woke up and was alert of what I saw of a man near the thicket of the forest. He stood up immediately and the others near the fire started to approach the man. He had short dark brown hair and a large black trench coat. I looked up t Leon, curious if I should stand up to take guard. Somehow he told me to lie down, though he did not speak aloud. He told me through my own thoughts. I obeyed him and layed down to the surface.
He leaped off the tree and was instantly out of sight.
I heard him greet the guy in a formal vampiric matter. The girl from last night appeared above me. Leon told me by thought that her name was Skye, and that she was going to take me somewhere safe. She grabbed my hand and ran with me trailing behind her. We ended up near a large city, but there were guards at a gate that surrounded it. "Leon wanted us to go shopping for those of us who need food" she informed me as we approached the gate. "How will we be able to-" I was cut off by one of the guards:"Hey, you two girls. Do you have a pass to get into this territory?" Skye took out a card and handed it to him, and he smiled taking it "She needs one too."
"I think he wants to see the card in your wallet, Miyu" Skye told me. I took a black leather wallet out of my pocket and looked at it, then at Skye curiously. She just winked at me. I took a card out that looked like a plastic ticket and gave it to him. He let us in, sliding our cards through a machine, then giving them back to us. We went through the gate. All I could was stores, houses, malls and other city stuff for miles. It seemed like for ever since I last saw the city, although it was really only a couple of days ago.It seemed like yesterday that my mother and the rest of them were killed, though..
People soon started to stare. "Why are-" She covered my mouth and whispered "They know that we are outsiders, that we don't belong here.." Hours passed and we had a lot of food and groceries. Soon there became a large blanket of shadows shrouding at least ten blocks if the city. Soon after I heard a voice and froze."My daughter, it's good to finally see you again" it was the voice of a semi-older man's voice, then there was laughter.It was as if he was planning some thing.. Was it him who had killed my mother? Was that the same man who left her nine years ago?
I suddenly lifted my mind from my thoughts and was on the ground with fire and bodies everywhere. I sat up slowly, noticed a gouging pain in my head. I winced at the pain, then I groaned as loud as a normal human. Then I noticed that Leon was sitting over me, smiling. "Are you okay" he asked in his usual gentle tone. "I'm fine" I answered trying to get up, but then something dragged me from my right arm, away from them, out of the city and through the forest. Soon after hitting trees, shrubs and rocks, I passed out.
Leon Amara Kuhnxaki
As I saw her wake up, she looked as peaceful as ever through all the blood that she was covered in. I could feel the pain in her head from her skull cracking. She soon sat up, all I could do was look at her and smile. Then I found what I was looking for, through the sorrow and pain that I had for her. "Are you okay" I asked her. "I'm fine" she said, it looked as if she was struggling. Then there was a powerful force that ripped my heart out and she was being dragged away by it. I ran after her as far and as long as I could, but I soon fell from exhaustion. I fell to my knees, and punched the ground as hard as I could.
We were in our hideout. Days, weeks and even months had passed since she was taken from me. All I could do was think and to plan on how I would get her back from her father. She is only fourteen and needs to be eighteen for him to kill her. I knew exactly where he was and mapped out the entire fortress. "Guys, I know how to get her back. I'll need Skye, Tashinu, Eno, Manyi, Nagumeth, Lin and Ryosuke. We leave tonight.
Once we got there, it was heavily guarded. Men and soldiers everywhere. We already knew that this would happen, since it is the eve of her fifteenth birthday. I signaled them to go in as I explained at the base. They all fanned out, each one covering an area of the large cement structure. We finally got in after a few hours. We were in the basement, they were merely a large labyrinth of tunnels, one of them leading to the holding cell with her in it. We seperated and I went alone. The others went in groups of two. After a few miles of endless tunnels, I found it. The gate that leads to her, she was hidden behind a brick slab. She was out of sight, I couldn't even smell her. I could just sense her through my heart. The guards in the other corridor sensed me. They went after me. "Damnit" I mumbled loud enough for even a half blood to hear.
The guards were on me like wild dogs on a piece of meat. Soon enough we busted through the wall of her cell, brawling. She looked malnourished, as if she had no human food since I last saw her. She also looked frightened for her life, though I could not blame her. One of the guards were above me, aiming a gun at my chest. I took his lower arm and threw him to the wall at the end of the chamber. Another guard went after me from behind, I lept up above him and slit his throat. Blood went everywhere, even on Miyu. There was no more... I figured there would be more than just a couple of amiture policemen to guard the princess of which her father wants to kill.
I went up to miyu and kneeled down beside her "Are you okay?" I asked her.
"Yes, I'm fine" she replied, though I knew that she was not.
"Get on my back" I turned around, still kneeling on one knee. She hesitated, but then was on my back, her arms locked around my neck.

Chapter 4
Miyu Kyukie
I looked up from my own dwelling of solitude, when I heard a crash. I saw Leon on the ground, struggling with guards on top of him. I was scared. I was frozen in place, my energy as low as possible. He soon defeated them, but I was still frozen. He was next to me in an instant. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I'm fine" I answered, although I was in crucial pain. He made me get on his back through a blur and we were back at the fortress. Leon was giving orders to move out. All I know was that I needed blood and that I was in his arms.
He set me down, his arms around me. I wanted to bite him, but he was taller than I am. He lowered himself and said "Go ahead, you need to. You are weak from your father keeping you locked up. From not being able to have any" I hesitated, but my natural vampire instincts took over and my fangs were in his throat before I could think. I drank for several minutes until I realized that I was stronger. I stopped, afraid to hurt him more than necessary. I looked up at him as he rose to full height, he was still as strong as ever. "Thank you, Leon" I nearly mumbled. "We are going to have to separate the clan into different cities and maybe even countries if we have to. We have to stay as far away from your father as possible."
We found a large city on the other side of the country, Leon, Tashinu, Manyi, Skye, Nagumeth, Eno, Takumi, Ryosuke, and I Spread out to different parts of that city, but will go to the same school district. Leon, Skye and I are to live in the same house. He has enough money to pay for it. We got furniture and extra stuff that we might not need. A few days later, we got settled in and in school. My first class is Math. I walk into class early and no one is there yet except for the teacher, Mr. Gogh'n. He is writing the morning exercise on the board, then he turns around to greet me. "Oh hello, are you new here?"
"Yes I am new, and I was told that this was my first class"
"Oh I see... Take a seat and I'll introduce you to the class once the bell rings"
I sit at a window seat on the far right of the room, near the back of the room. A few minutes later the room was full. The bell rang just moments after that. He starts with a class welcoming and tells me to come to the front, so I do. "This young lady is new to our school." He introduces me. "Tell the class about your self" He tells me "I'm Miyu and umm........" My voice travels off. "Miyu, you are supposed to say your full name and something about your self, be a proud person" Mr. Gogh'n says "I'm Miyu Aiko Kyukie and I lost my family.." I say softly, grabbing the ends of my sleeves. "You may take a seat now, Miss Kyukie.." Mr. Gogh'n says in disappointment. I take a seat as he begins the lesson. A few long hours later, the bell rings for lunch. I start to pack up my stuff in my bag as a guy walks up to me. He sits in the chair in front of me"Hi" I don't reply, I just get up and start to walk off, but he grabs my arm. "Hey that hurts" I pull away. "It's rude to walk away when someone is talking to you" he still has my arm."Let go" I shout, just as Leon walks in the room. He looks pissed as he walks towards us and grabs his arm "What the hell are you doing" He asks staring at him. "I uh..." he backs up tripping over air. Leon turns his attention to me and his expression soft "Are you okay, Miyu" he asks "I'm fine, he didn't hurt me" Leon looks at the handprint grip mark on my arm "You lie..."
He takes my hand and leads me to the cafeteria where there are a lot of people and probably about forty percent of them are looking at us. "Go get yourself some food, you need it" He hands me a ten dollar bill. and walks off to a table where our friends are. I walk to the lunch line and grab a few things that look good and a skinny blond lady rang me up for the food I got, I gave her the ten and she gave me my change. I go to sit next to them and start to eat silently. Skye and Ryoske were having a 'conversation' and everyone else was just eating, as I was. All of a sudden everyone heard a crashing sound, outside. Leon stood up and guarded me just after a shard of glass hits me from the window shatters. There was an SUV halfway through the wall-window of the cafeteria. I almost coughed up blood from the glass in my side.
Leon looks at me with pain in his eyes "Are you okay, Miyu" he asks. "I'm fine, it's not very deep" I stand up dumping my tray in a nearby garbage can. I started walking back to the half trashed table and I collapsed, in more pain than I have ever been in. I was coughing up blood and it started to get dark. Soon enough I saw floating lights rising up into the darkness. I found myself waking up in the nurse's office covered in bandages. Someone walks in the room and I jump in surprise of the sound. It's a nurse, she is dressed casual as if her shift was over long ago. "Hello, Miyu, your boyfriend is in the hallway, waiting for you" she winks as she shuts down her computer. I get up and slip my shoes on, just as Leon comes in. "Are you okay, Miyu" he asks, very concerned. "I'm fine" I say, realizing the pain is gone. As we are walking out, the nurse tosses Leon a duffel bag and winks at him. "I'll tell you later" he tells me, we are walking down the hallway towards the exit.
Once we get home we both drop our bodies into the couch. Leon turns on the TV on a comedy channel and heads to the kitchen, just as my stomach growls. A couple minutes later he comes back in the room with a plate of food. "Oh, thank you" I start eating, realizing how hungry I am. The food is gone and he takes my plate back into the kitchen. I yawn. Leon is back in the living room and says "C'mon, lets go to bed. It's almost midnight." He picks me up and I basically fall asleep in his arms, on our way to my room.
I wake up, almost jumping out of bed, there is a lightning storm outside. I look over my bedside at my clock It's three fifteen in the morning. I see a shadow in the doorway. Once I scream Leon runs to the doorway, turning the light on. The figure is gone. "Where'd he... There was a man in the doorway a minute ago... I swear I saw someone" I burry my face in my arms, my eyes wide. "Just as long as you are safe" leon is at my side, comforting me. "Do you want to sleep in my room, just to be safe? It's the weekend, so we don't have to wake up early." I get up, half naked. I take his hand, him leading me into his room. I lay in his bed, under his warm blankets, him next to me with his arms protectively around my waist.
I woke up the next morning not knowing what happened the night before and when I opened my eyes I saw him staring at him, his gentle eyes peering down at me. I wanted to scream in surprise, but all I could do is blush crimson red. He just smiles at me. "Good morning, Miyu" he says and kisses my forehead. I look down realizing what I'm wearing and I covered my self with the sheets, shutting my eyes tightly. "Don't worry I've seen enough of you for it not to bother" he smiles and gets up, grabbing a white button-up.
I get up and head to my room to get dressed as Leon heads to his balcony. I head downstairs afterwards to make breakfast. It's made and I'm setting the table as Leon gets down stairs, to the dining room. "Smells good" he kisses my neck. "Thanks" I say as we sit down and start eating. Once we finish eating, we head out to see the city. We were in a large shopping district, with a lot of people, stores and restaurants. Miyu started wandering aimlessly around the large district, soon enough she lost sight of Leon and got lost. She started wandering more, trying to figure out where she was when she ended up in an alley. There was a raggedy old man behind her. She backed into the wall at the end. He looked like a beggar, but she could see it in his eyes that he was under his spell. Soon enough a tall girl with long black hair came down between her and the old beggar. Miyu knew who the girl was instantly, it was her older sister whom she thought died. It was Kaia.
The beggar soon turned into a freakish demon. Miyu went to Kaia's side and was ready to fight. She knew how to kill it, but she didn't know how to access her powers as well as her older sister. She ran towards it, unsheathing her katanas."Miyu, don't-" Kais yelled after her, but it was too late. It was a trap that Miyu fell for. The demon held her by the throat as she struggled to breathe. Kaia let go of her shadow, freezing her own body in place. She moved her shadow into the demon's body and stopped it's heart. Miyu dropped to the ground unconscious just as Leon came back with a few of their friends, the younger ones were at the nearby park. "Damn it. What the hell happened?" He demanded walking towards her limp body. "There was an attack, she was tricked. I'm sorry" Kaia says as he kneels down to pick her up.
Miyu wakes up on a bench, her vision blurry. Her throat was burning. As soon as her vision came to she saw an ice-cream cone from a friendly hand. She took it warily as she sat up. She licked the cold ice-cream a couple of times before smiling up to Leon as he sat next to her. They were next to a playground with children everywhere. It looked as if it were about high noon.t looked as if it were about high noon. "Are you okay" Leon asked, finishing his ice-cream. I looked up at him, smiling "I'm fine-" I said just before noticing her"Kaia" I yelled her name in surprise.
We got home from our long day, Miyu dropped onto the couch in the living room in exhaustion. Leon picked her up, taking her to her room as Kaia went to the kitchen.Once he sat her in her bed, Leon went back down stairs and sat on the couch. Somewhere in between that time, I fell asleep. I dreamed that I was young, in a castle. I saw my mother, young and beautiful. Her long red hair filled with flowers. She was on a balcony with tea in her hand, looking out to the sea, long blue gown flowing in the wind. She sees me a moment later and lowers with her hands reaching out to me. I tan up to her with a bunch of flowers in my arms from the garden. My little pink and green dress stained from the grass. "Mommy, mommy, look what I got" I said, holding up the flowers. She smiles at me, gentle and warm. Her wings lower as does her smile, as she looks behind me. "Look what you've done to that expensive dress" came a booming voice from behind me. My eyes widen as I drop all of the flowers and I run behind my mother. I grab the skirt of her gown, hiding from my father. "What is the meaning of this" he demanded. "She's only barely a child" my mother urged. My father grabbed her by the shoulders "This is the last time this happens in my house" he shouts. He drains her blood, splattering it everywhere, including on me. "Mommy, no" I screamed, tears rolling down my cheeks. She turned white as the blood left her body, her soul left her, reaching skyward and my father left her to wither in front of my child form. My father glared at me and walked inside the castle.
I woke up, tears rolling down my cheeks "Mother, no" I whispered. I sat up, still on the couch and looked out the large window across from me. It was dark outside, but, being what I am, I saw a figure just outside the window. I didn't feel any danger. As soon as the figure disappeared, the lights turned on. One of the little ones, Manyi, a fae child was at the corridor. She rubbed her big blue eyes and yawned. I sat up on the couch and moved the blanket. "Why don't you come sit with me" I asked, gently, holding my arms out for her. She yawned again and walked over to sit on my lap. "I saw someone outside. Was that you" she asked, looking up at me. "No, it wasn't. I saw them too" I answered her, softly. "Lets get upstairs, we don't know what could be out there" I picked her up and started heading upstairs when we heard a crash in the last hallway. It was the children's' room. I set Manyi down. "Go get Leon" I told her. I slowly went to the children's' room, seeing moving shadows everywhere. Soon enough it was too dark to see and I was trailing the walls with my hands. I was in the doorway when something large grabbed my shoulders and threw me across the room. I hit a toy box, I think. The children screamed and scattered. I felt something attached to my shoulder blades, I flexed and the air around me felt light. I felt more, something that was light, but I could move it, there were two.

Chapter 5
I was floating in mid air. Rising above the ground, but something grabbed my ankle and shot me back into the real world. I fell. The wings were still there, but I was being attacked, no, I was being protected. It's hard to tell in the dark, but I could tell that the room was full of people. Something pulled at the inside of me, something wanted out. I was afraid, but I let it. It showed me something new, a new sight, a vampiric sight that Leon has. There were eight people in the room, the shadow creature was there too. The sight drained from my body, like it's life force was being sucked out. I tried to hold it in, the feeling was painful, like my soul being ripped out. The shadow creature got what it wanted. The pain was piercing my chest, I screamed. The pain left as fast as it came, but my body didn't give out for once.
The shadow creature left, but the room was still full of worried faces.Leon and Kaia were talking in the hallway. The children went downstairs. I was frozen in place. I felt everything slowly drain from my body, all of my energy, happiness and fear, I felt empty and it hurt. Tears started to escape and after a few hours my body decided to collapse. Everyone was asleep. I was alone.
I woke up and Leon was in the room, holding a tray. I was in a soft bed and everything still hurt. I looked over at Leon, he was smiling, but everything seemed as if it was clouded in darkness that seemed impossible to escape. I tried to move and the darkness got even stronger and a sharp pain going up my leg. I almost screamed and the darkness lightened again, slowly going away. The wings were gone, I didn't remember if that was real or not. Leon walked up to me, worried about my sudden spasm. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I'm fine- What happened...?" I asked.
Kaia and Skye walked into the doorway, grinning."So, have you told her yet" Skye asked."I haven't gotten to it yet, but I was getting there" He answered, then turned back to me, gentle eyes and a soft smile."What is it?" I asked, worried about what's going on. "Miyu, last night another shadow demon attacked you. You killed it and showed everyone the most amazing power that I've ever seen." There was meaning in his voice, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. "You have the powers of two completely opposite creatures inside you. The rumors are true, your mother was a fairy and she gave you her wings as you were born. She knew that she was going to die." He continues, my eyes growing large. "Do you mean...." I started, but he continued to explain and cut me off short. "You are both a vampire and a fairy. You are the Kyukie princess and your father is out to kill you. You must kill him before he gets to you. We are here to help in any way possible" I wasn't quite sure what I was hearing, but seeing what has happened the past few months, I understand it now.
By the time I awoke the next morning, the house was already busy. The children buzzing around, putting warm layers of clothes on. I got out of bed, not bothering to get dressed yet and walked around the bedroom, up to the window and I drew the curtains open. It was pure white outside as if the night before was a dream and life was still normal. I sighed, sitting on the window bench, just as I saw one of the children, Takumi, one of the older ones, scuttling away from the doorway, his scarf trailing after him. This made me giggle, he was so shy, but he always tried to be brave, like the girls. I went to the door and shut it softly, before I got dressed for the day. Instead of jeans and a tee shirt, I put on a festive warm dress with tights and boots and I went out into the hallway. The children were starting to go down stairs, so I followed them. Downstairs, in the living room, Leon and Kaia were on the couch, laughing when they noticed me in the doorway. Kaia smiled warmly and came up to me for an embrace.
“Good morning, little sister. I hope you slept well, because it’s cold out and we have a lot to do” She exclaimed, kissing me on the cheek.
“I-.. What’s going on..?” I asked slowly.
Leon got up from the couch and took my hand. “It’s the first fall of winter. The Solstice is here” He smiled warmly, stroking my cheek.
Just then, Siya came flying down the stairs and jumped on my back, hanging from my neck. “C’mon, it’s time for school” she exclaimed. “I want to get there before all the other kids ruin the pretty snow” She swung around my neck and I hugged her tightly.
“Well then, get the others, we should get going before the snow melts” I laughed lightly. It felt like we were a normal family, although there were no real adults and none of us were fully human, it was fun. Last night was barely at the back of my mind, but right now, I didn’t care. The children were all rounded up, bundled up with their backpacks, ready to go. I went upstairs to grab my bag and coat, when something hit the window. A note landed on the windowsill as I opened the window. It read:
My dearest daughter,
I hope you and your friends like your newfound powers. With great gifts come a great responsibility. I will be watching and I will be waiting for you to join me. Don’t upset the balance of our kind, or there will be grave consequences.
Your loving father
The note burned up into flames as if he didn’t want the others to know. I put my coat on and went downstairs, putting on a cheery face. As we left the house, the snow was gorgeous. It looked like there were crystals all over the ground. The children were more excited than ever, they started running around, throwing snow at one another, screaming and giggling.
The school was barely more than a few blocks away, they took their time, considering they were already early. They stopped at the courtyard near the cafeteria to play in the snow some more while they waited for more students to show up. I was sitting at one of the benches, building a small snowman on the seat next to me, when students started to appear on campus. After a few minutes when I knew that the first bell would ring soon, I gathered up the kids and took them to their buildings, so they wouldn’t get lost on the large campus. At first I didn’t notice, but then I realized it was oddly quiet and Leon was gone. Kaia, I already knew was already in class. By the time I got to my own class, the late bell was ringing. I got in my seat and class had begun.
By the time class ended for lunch, the snow had become a blizzard and everyone was forced to have their lunch inside.
Before lunch was even half over, the school principal announced that school was dismissed, due to dangers of the storm. I gathered up the others, wondering how bad the snow would get, trying to distract myself from further thought of my father. Leon met us at the gates, leaning against the brick fence, wearing his long dark coat and matching black scarf, but I know the clothes are only for show for the humans. He tried harder to blend in than I did. The dress would barely keep a spring chill from a human body, but I didn’t really care.
The entire campus was swarming in students elated for the snow. The children were even more excitable than usual too. Their energy made me smile, they were running around, throwing snow at one another while we waited for Kaia, who always took forever to get out of class.
“Oh, Leon” I touched his arm to get his attention. “I just remembered that I have to go to the library, for an assignment” I sighed, “I’ll meet you guys at home, It’ll be awhile”
“Alright, but be careful coming home, and I mean be careful” He said this firmly as he kisses me on the forehead, making heat rise in my cheeks slightly. Being half breed is strange, you would expect me to be cold since I’m half vampire, but I’m more alive than most humans. He turned to Kaia, just walking up from around the building to the left, walking through the dense snow. I squeezed Leon’s hand and walked up to Kaia.
“What’s up with you” she asked, crossing her arms.
“I need to go to the library, I told Leon that you guys should go home ahead of me, I’ll be a while” I answered.
As I passed her, I saw something, near the other building, across the white soccer field, but it was gone, before I could think anything of it. I kept going, heading for the doors into the library from it’s outside entrance. Something started to feel wrong, but everything seemed normal. The library had a few people there, like usual and there was quiet chatter among them. I grabbed a text book, sitting at one of the tables and started writing my report for class. By the time I got done the library was empty, save for a couple other students, hard at work for some big class assignment. I put the book away, gathered my stuff and went outside. It was dark and brisk and the school landscape looked miserable.
I started walking home, the feeling of dread, growing more and more dense. My thoughts were going in circles as I walked. The snow made the landscape seem barren and the three block walk seemed even longer. I’m half a block away, the sheeting snow turned to an icy slate, burning my skin. This is getting really bad, I thought, I’m not supposed to feel heat or coldness, I’m a vampire. What’s going on? In my own mind I started to panic. The house started to inch into view as a form of darkness swam over my head and I heard a scream. Something warm going down my back as I fell deeper and deeper into the darkness.
I was at the door to the house, my head lapsing back to my body. Something was very wrong, I was about to hit the snow, but something brought me back here. The Icy wind chilled me to the bone. I opened the door and all of the lights were on, Siya noticed me and came running up to me, her arms swinging around my neck. “Miyu, what took you so long?” She asked hysterically. “Leon was about to send a search party looking for you” she exasperated, almost sobbing. I took my arms and wrapped them around her slim fairy waist and squeezed her, letting my younger sister’s body warm the chill away. “I’m sorry” I said, pushing her hair aside her face, still holding her close. “Time escaped me while I was working on a school project, I had no idea how much time had gone by until I was outside” I kissed her forehead sighing. Then something dawned on me. “Siya” I said gently, “Do you know where Leon is” I asked. She shook her head, her golden blond hair coming loose from it’s braid. “I think he’s in the den. He’s been pacing all around the house” She replied, her arms untangling from my neck.
I started passed her, when the startling coldness swept through my body again. I shivered. I need to find him, something was very wrong. Siya was right, I found him in the den, pacing the distance of the back of the room. His eyes met mine in an instant, the worry didn’t fade. I shut the door behind myself, shivering again. “Leon I-” He broke me off before I could start. “I was worried sick about you, where were you” he demanded, his eyes then softened at my expression. “I lost track of time, working on my project, I’m really sorry” I shivered again, the coldness overpowering me, sending me to my knees in a fit of shivering. “I think s-something i-is wrong, I-I’m c-cold” My teeth clattered through the words. He immediately grabbed a blanket off the back of one of the plush chairs and wrapped it around me.
He held my face gently, kneeling in front of me. “What happened?” his voice was soothing and his eyes were dark blue that made my head swim.
I started slowly, trying not to fumble over the words, “I was walking home from school and it didn’t feel right, I started feeling cold. Vampires don’t feel the cold. And then something happened, I’m not sure what it was. It got dark and th-there was something warm on my back” I said out of hysteria, trying to keep calm. I remembered feeling pain on my shoulder blades, but I must’ve imagined it. “I think I passed out and the next thing I remember was being on the porch, like nothing had happened” I noticed something warm on my cheeks. I was crying.
He wrapped his arms around me, my face settling against his chest. “I’ll be right back” he said soothingly. “I think I know what’s going on” He took me onto one of the chairs and set me in it, tears were still rolling down my cheeks and they burned. He returned a moment later with my little sister, Siya. She looked at me sympathetically, then curiously. “Miyu, I need you to take off the blanket for a minute, and pull your dress down a little” she said maturely. “I need to see your back” I did so and she examined my back, touching my shoulder blades, it stung. “Your wings were injured last night, weren't they” she asked. I didn’t remember. “You need to let your wings out so they can heal. You are part fairy now. We all saw it, our mother’s birthright has come into your blood just as much as our father’s curse.”I let out a small gasp, the memories flooding into my mind as she touched the edges of my spine, just between my shoulder blades. It also sent me doubled in pain.

Chapter 6
“Miyu, you need to let your wings out. Do you know how” my little sister asked, her innocent voice masking her intelligence.
I shook my head.
She let her sweater fall to the floor, some kind of top still covering her, it was her dress fitted to every fairy’s body, everyone got one at birth. A light purple top, spiked with a blue trim, the rest of it covered under her jeans. I watched her, she was focusing on something. Moments later, her matching wings unfolded out of her back into colorful arcs that drew wind into the room. I became so used to my friends and family coming into their true forms, so much that I hadn’t payed attention.
“Now it’s your turn” she looked up at me, her eyes gleaming. “You have to focus your mind on your back, feel that they are there” she instructed. I did as she said, focusing on the warm spots on my back where the wings are supposed to be. I felt them slowly start to unfold out of my back and sharp pain shot through my entire body.
“Her wings are torn” Siya gasped.
I was doubled over, wrapping my arms around me, clawing at my back.
“Leon, we have to take her to her room for her to rest. I’ll grab the medical kit in the bathroom, I’ll be right back” Siya disappeared through the doors, leaving them open. I had my hand pressed to the arm of a chair, breathing deeply and carefully, just as Leon picked me up. His arm was just below my wings, cradling me to his chest. This made me blush, through the pain I was in. He gently walked through the living room. The kids in the room were staring. I didn’t want them to see me, I buried my face in his chest as he walked up the stairs.
Once in my room, he knelt down and placed me on my side. Siya walked in a minute later, with a box of the kinds of supplies that hospitals wouldn’t have, it also had gaus, tape, peroxide and bandages. She set the box on a table near my bed. Then she pulled the back of my dress down further, setting her palms on either sides of my wings, on the small of my back and just above my wings. I let out a small gasp, as her hands grew warm, but cool at the same time. My back started to get a tingly feeling and it was spreading from my back, throughout my body. My head started to feel fuzzy, but it wasn’t a tired feeling.
“I’m calming your muscles and your nerves” she said gently. “It will help you heal faster, since these wounds are of magical endurance and created by a demon, they won’t heal as easily as a wound of human creation” she was speaking softly. This made me wonder where she’d been all that time that her and our older sister were gone. She was still speaking to me, but my head was swimming, I couldn’t focus on the surface. I was still awake as she started to put a healing cream on the wings, it was cold and if I was all the way there, it would have given me chills. It was like my mind was floating, as she bandaged my wings gently. I was in a fog.
I gave up on trying to focus, so my mind started to swim; I thought about everything that had happened to change my life. Leon saved me too many times to count, he even let me stay with him after my family disappeared, but I thought they were all dead because of the blood spill. The castle... My father.... My aunt... What has happened to her? I haven't seen her since that morning, a dead heap on the floor. I’ve missed her so much.
I started to float to the surface of my own mind again, just barely. I realized I was crying. The memories that I never really had the time to look over were piling up into a whirlwind of emotions and I couldn’t control it. I was curled into a tight ball. My knees were tucked to my chest, my arms around my shins. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was warm. I was still on my side, my wings spread out behind me, hanging off the edge of my bed. I was starting to surface as I noticed that the hand was shaking me. I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn’t open, so I reached out. In front of me, I grabbed something soft. I had ahold of it with both hands, pulling on it. The warm hand stopped shaking me and it slid down my upper back, stroking gently in circles. I made a whimpering noise as I was able to open my eyes. Leon was there, I had his shirt. He was smiling at me and it was warm. I let go of his shirt and tried to sit up, straightening out my legs. “Mm-mn-nyuh” I mumbled, still trying to shake off the numbness.
“The Princess is awake” Leon announced to me gently, sitting on the edge of my bed, wrapping his arms around my lower back. He buried his face in my long hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck, realizing that I was still crying, my tears staining his shirt. It felt like forever since I’d been awake, but I couldn’t find my voice to ask him how long. My wings felt better, they didn’t hurt any more. I flexed them, spraying sparkles everywhere. Leon’s overly long dark hair became masked in the mess of sparkles. It made me want to giggle, but instead I blushed, the heat rising in my cheeks. Leon was warm, I buried my face in his chest. I never thought that a vampire would be warm, but then again, before I had my wings, I didn’t feel heat or cold, I was numb. It felt good to know that vampires had body heat even though they don’t pump blood. It was probably because of the powers they possess. I untangled myself from him, he seemed resistant to let me go, but he did. He kissed my forehead as he unwrapped his arms from my waist.
“H-How long was I” I trailed off, still unable to find the words to complete the sentence.
“You were only out for a few hours, don’t worry” He assured me and kissed my jaw which sent sparks through my body. It made me want to melt. He wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me out from under the blankets and onto his lap. This made me blush deeper than before and the flush in my cheeks made him grin. His eyes were dark, the color of the color of the abyss in the ocean. Just looking at them, I could tell that something was wrong, but he was still smiling. He kissed me so gently that I felt my body tingle. So gently that it seemed like he thought I would break. He pulled back and his eyes were so dark that they were almost red.
Right then I realized what was wrong. He hadn't fed since before the last time I had. He pushed me onto my back, I folded my wings down barely in time. He isn't in control anymore. He was being rough. He pinned me to my back, his jeans touching either sides of my thighs, which were covered by a thin nightgown. He leaned down, glided his nose down my jaw and my neck and he bit just above my collar bone. A rush of pain and pleasure shot through me as his fangs sank into my skin, trickling blood. He was drinking my blood and I was feebly trying to get away, but his weight crushed me. I thought he wouldn't let go, but moments later his fangs slid out of my flesh, streaming blood down my chest. His eyes were bright red.
His cheeks were flushed and he still had me pinned. It felt as if his fangs were still sunk into my skin, but that was the usual after effect, along with the feeling of pleasure and wanting. He let go of my wrists, sitting on his knees-on my legs.I sat up slightly, pressing my hands on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so sor-” I ripped his shirt off, feeling the need to get closer to him. “I love you” I said in reply. He laid me back, pressing himself against me. I kissed his jaw, feeling his smooth skin underneath stubble. He slid his hands out from under me and started unbuttoning the top of my nightgown which made me blush. He kissed me and slid the top of my nightgown down, revealing C-cup boobs. I blushed deeper and kissed him. He caressed my sides, kissing my collar bone.He started kissing lower, down the middle of my chest, across to one boob. He gently kisses it gliding his tongue over the n****e, making me gasp in surprise and pleasure.
He pulled away, smiling. His eyes were a bright playful blue. The muscles defining his shoulders and biceps, flexing at every movement. His chest was firm, but soft and his back was so defined. He kissed my n****e, just at the tip, which made me gasp again. He kissed again and again. Soon he started pulling and sucking, making me moan and gasp. He unbuttoned my nightgown more, sliding it off my shoulders. He pulled at my n****e, letting go and he kissed my boob, down my chest. It felt like I had no control over my body any more. All I knew is that everything he did and was going to do, I wanted all of it. He started kissing my stomach, still slowly sliding my nightgown down and off my body which left me completely exposed. I blushed as he examined my body. He went lower, kissing just below my navel.I made a whimpering noise as I realized that I was wet, just between my legs, the sheets were soaked. He kissed lower and he grabbed my thighs.
My body burned with ecstasy everywhere he touched me. He was spreading my legs and he kissed just above my v****a when I realized what he was going to do and I let out a soft moan, spreading my legs farther. He kissed the lips, sending sparks up my body. He started licking me, which drove me crazy. He started licking deeper and deeper. I wrapped my legs on his shoulders, holding him there, moaning like crazy. It started feeling better and better, the more he went. I was soaked, dripping onto the sheets, which were also soaked.
He started sliding up, through my legs, kissing my stomach, when I saw that his jeans were gone.My heart started to race, which made him smile even more. He slid up and kissed my neck. Then I felt it, his head was just at my lips, which made me whimper. I bit my lower lip, trying to keep my brain focused. He pushed closer to me, sliding his head in the tight space, making me moan. I could already tell he was huge. He was still kissing my neck as he pushed further inside me, sending up a wave of pleasure. I screamed, he was soo big.

Chapter 7
I woke up in Leon’s master bed with his arms around me. My head was still buzzing with what happened last night. It was still early and I was wearing one of Leon’s soft black shirts which were too long in the sleeves. I nuzzled closer to him, inhaling his warmth, his sturdy, unmoving figure cradling me against him. “Good morning, Princess” he said, kissing my forehead. I blushed and sat up, looking around the room. It was dark aside from the east window which had a stream of light escaping through the blinds. My stomach growled. “Good morning” I said as I leaned down to Leon and kissed his jaw.
I went to my room to get dressed, someone put a box on my bed with bright blue ribbon on it. I pulled on the end of the ribbon and it untied easily, once I opened the box, there was a gorgeous winter dress with blue snowflakes on it and a dark red sash. I put it on, examining myself in it, in the mirror. My long, wavy, red hair covered the exposed back of the dress, which was laced together with red ribbons that matched the sash. Then I realized that tomorrow was Christmas eve and the house was almost completely undecorated, aside from a large tree in the living room, covered in lights, garland, and ornaments. I slipped on my lace-up boots and walked to the closet in the downstairs hallway. I found it completely empty. In the living room and kitchen, there was chatter and laughter, so I followed the sound, finding that they had already started decorating without me.
The room was a mess of piles of ornaments and decorations. The children obviously had no idea what they were doing. “Hey, guys” I called to their attention. They all looked up at me, their faces bright. “I think we’d better get you more organized” I said, gesturing around the mess. I grabbed a box, from off the sofa and they started to chatter again. Eno and Manyi came up to me, holding their hands out, as if to help. I reached in the box and gave them the wreath for the front door and some ribbon. They ran to the entrance with it, grinning. It took hours to get the house fully decorated, but it was fun with all of the children helping. There were wreaths, garlands, lights, and strings of ornaments all over the house by the time we were done.
Leon and Kaia were no help, Kaia was in the kitchen making lunch for everyone and Leon, well he likes to ‘supervise’, which seems too boring, since I was doing all the work, keeping all of the children organized. We ate lunch in laughter, aside from the vampires who don’t actually eat, and after lunch the children went outside to play in the snow. Three of them, Takumi, Syrien, and Eno were rolling large balls of snow for a snowman, which ended up taller than Leon.
Once it started to get dark, everyone went in with red noses and frozen toes. Skye and I went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate.Walking into the kitchen, something started to feel wrong. “Skye, I think I’m gunna go to my room” I told her. “You need anything? Want any hot chocolate?” She asked. “No, I’m fine, I’ll just be a few” I replied, walking to the hallway, and up the stairs.
In my room, something was still off, but I figured it was just me. I slipped into a nightgown and went to bed. I drifted to sleep a lot quicker than I would have thought. Drifting in my subconscious, I heard a scream, then I saw a girl in a cage. I was too far away too far away, below her. I was standing at the top of a staircase, leaning on an elegant banister. There were feathers everywhere. The girl was in a large bird cage, the feathers drifting in larger amounts around her as if she was made of pure energy. She fainted, landing on a soft plume of feathers.
Wake up! I screamed at her. You’re in danger, you have to get up and fly away. You have to. He’s going to kill you. I started sobbing, the dream fading into darkness. I was standing in darkness and colorful lights began to rain around me, going further below as if I was in mid air. As soon as I realized that, I was falling, screaming. I was groping at anything that might be able to catch me, blindly as I fell further and further. A large hand was raised above me, gentle and beconing, as if it wanted to help me. I grabbed the hand, seeing the face belonged to Leon. You don’t belong here. He said, his voice very far away. You need to get back home and worn me and the others. He begged, his eyes soft with deep concern hidden beneath the deep dark blue. Then his face started to change. Twisting and warping. The hands became more rough, long sharp nails biting into my skin as it grabbed my wrist. I tried to scream, but my voice was lost. The face had become my father. You don’t need them, child. You could have all of your hearts desires if you come with me. His rough, darkened tone sent an ice cold chill through my entire body, as if I was being put under some kind of spell.

Leon Amara Kuhnxaki
I was in the living room, leaning on a wall near the Christmas tree when I noticed a dark presence. Miyu and Skye hadn’t come back from the kitchen yet. Looking around the room, I locked eyes with Kaia and Tashinu, nodding as if they both knew what I was thinking. I nodded at Kaia, for her to come with me to the kitchen. Tashinu knew that it was his job to make sure that the rest of the children were safe. We got to the kitchen, and Skye was in there by herself, making the hot chocolate and preparing dinner for later. “Where is she” I asked, in an almost forceful tone. The dread grew deeper, I knew something had gone wrong. I ran up the stairs before she could answer and I went to Miyu’s room and she wasn’t there. I swore under my breath. Her sheets were mussed as if she had been sleeping and the windows were open letting gusts of wind into the room.
I flew downstairs, furious. If I was human my heart would be racing. “She’s missing” I practically shouted, as soon as my shoulder hit the doorway of the kitchen. Skye gaped, tears swelling in her eyes. “Not again” she gasped. They’d been best friends since the beginning and I wasn’t about to let it fall apart again. We couldn’t lose her to that man. I turned to Kaia “The children still need an adult, but I don’t want them to come. He’s gotten a lot stronger and it’s too dangerous. You have to take care of them. I’ll take Skye and Tashinu with me to look for her. In the meantime... You have to keep them safe or she would never forgive me” I told her, hanging my head. I was fully aware that I wasn’t composed as myself right now.
Kaia left the kitchen and Tashinu replaced her soon after. They were the strongest and some of the fastest learners in our family. They didn’t have to sleep as much as most of the others and they were old enough to know what was going on around them. They were also in full control of their powers.
It took until almost dawn to reach the outskirts of the city. It wasn’t large, but there were houses and buildings scattered across the open land. Soon after the houses disappear behind us, the forest started to overwhelm the surroundings. It was still too cold for there to be any wildlife, so it would be easy to tell if someone was near. Skye started to slow down. They hadn’t slept since the night before, but they were going to have to get used to it one way or another. I needed to keep pace if we were going to get anywhere. The sun started to rise, we were in a thicket of trees and shrubs.
Once we got through the first layer of the vast forest, I saw a carcass of an elk, it wasn’t like any animals around here to go hunting in the middle of winter. It still looked fresh, killed too recently. I raised a hand slightly, to stop them. Something moved far off into the shrubs. I pulled daggers out of my waistband, gripping them tightly. I couldn’t take any chances on them, now. Last time we raided his fortress none of them were ready, but this time I don’t think he wants her to leave. And this time we have a long way to go.

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