Suddenly my feet are feet of mud~
Tori came over and we dyed each others' hair. Mine wasn't too much of a change--just a bit darker and with a slightly more purple/red hue. Tori, tho, went from deep red to black with a really nice blue sheen. It looks fantastic. Other than that, we pretty much just stood around and chatted and ate pizza, it was great.

Mou, my nose is so dry! It's been running a bit today, and hoooly crap my coughing... It's like a really deep wheezing, I sound like an old dog. It's been getting better all day tho, so hopefully by New Year's Eve it'll be gone.

I have been practicing drawing Ankh; it's been a pretty good way of getting back into doodling. Colin wants me to do the Wizard cast in xxxHolic style, cos he thinks it would look really good. Now all I have to do is get back into the flow of drawing... which is a bit eh. I wish I could take classes or something. I feel like I could get so much better, but I'm kind of limited when all I can do is mimic. Well, I'm selling myself a bit short. Considering I taught myself as a hobby, I think my drawings are okay. I just wish I knew a little more...

OH WELL. Maybe I should start working on my writing a little more, if I'm going to try to improve something... ehehe...

I found some really neat ten line poetry forms. I have nooo idea what I would write about, but I would like to try them out sometime soon. It's all good and fine to tell yourself you're going to do something, but there's a fine line between working on something like that and forcing it too much.

Anyway, bed soon. Colin's coming over tomorrow.

~( ^ 3 ^)~