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itp: shiraishi is a troll

8/29, Monday

You: (There aren't any plans in particular for today, but...... if there are any preparations left for the booth, I need to do my best.)

You: ? What is it, Dan-kun?
Taichi: Ah, Senpai, you came at a good time.
You: ?
Taichi: I'm going to scout out the other schools' booths now. I'd like you to come along.
You: Scout out?
Taichi: Yes. Investigating the enemy's strengths is one of the basics of battle.
You: That's true...... understood. All right, let's go.

Akutsu: ......oi.
Taichi: Ah, Akutsu-senpai!
Akutsu: Hey, what're you doing wandering around?
Taichi: We're scouting out the other schools' booths. Are you also......
Akutsu: Didn't I tell you not to play around disgracefully?
Sengoku: Heeh...... if you're saying that, you must be sure we'll win.
Taichi: Sengoku-senpai!
Akutsu: What was that......? Who do you think you're saying that to, you b*****d?
Sengoku: We're going to win, aren't we?
Akutsu: Of course!
Sengoku: In that case, come to the booth now. We need you so we can win.
Akutsu: Wha...... you set me up.
Sengoku: Well, I wonder.
Akutsu: Che...... I get it. I'll go.

Shiraishi is at the tennis courts. You can only choose to look and play... the wall-hitting minigame again? Really? Apparently you get half a heart from playing with him. Who knew!

Things to see:
Sengoku, booth space, smash practice
Minami, stage, cutscene
Fudomine is also discussing their haunted house in the main building.

Scene with Minami:

You: (Ah, Minami-senpai. Somehow he seems to be having fun talking with someone, but...... I wonder who that is, that person from Rikkai......)
Jackal: ......anyway, it's oppression! My doubles partner makes me do everything and just stands there chewing gum.
Jackal: Even then, he's always the one who stands out!
Minami: Standing out or not, I understand that feeling well!
Minami: Even though I'm the captain, the one who stands out is our orange-haired ace......
Minami: Even then, when that guy sees a pretty girl, he always goes crazy for her! I want to tell him he's just troubling everyone!
Jackal: That's right.
Jackal: Why do I have to be the one who takes care of our temperamental, bothersome kouhai who doesn't think about how much he's troubling others......
Jackal: I risk my life to step in and stop his rampaging, and if I mess up I get hit......
Minami: Why doesn't your vice-captain stop him himself?
Jackal: That's the biggest question! I think maybe he's scared, but after that I'm too scared to ask.
Minami: That's...... really tough.
Jackal: Ah...... is your problem child who quit tennis all right?
Minami: He wasn't able to quit in the end.
Minami: ......I just wonder if he remembers that I'm the captain......
Jackal: It's tough...... for you too.
Minami: Yeah......
Jackal: We......
Minami: Can be good friends, it looks like.
Minami: Hahahaha.
Jackal: Hahahaha.
You: (......I guess, they're having trouble......)

Shiraishi is in the plaza. New conversation topics get, because he is on the highest level of affection for me. The special topic is at the end.

You: Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san). You came at a good time.
You: Eh? Did you need something?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's not a job. I wanted to talk to someone.
You: I see. Then......

1. About the school festival
You: Even Shitenhouji has school festivals, don't you?
Shiraishi: Yeah, though it's a cultural festival. We call it the "Kinoshita Toukichirou Festival," though.
You: Eh? By Kinoshita Toukichirou, you mean...... the Sengoku commander?
Shiraishi: That's right. In Osaka, we call him by the familiar name of Taikou-han. ["Taikou" -- a nickname for Toyotomi Hideyoshi. "han" -- the Kansai-ben equivalent of "san."]
You: Is there some relation? Like it's where Kinoshita Tokichirou was born, or something?
Shiraishi: What's that? Our school was established in Showa 4. [1929 in Western years] It hasn't been around since the Azuchi-Momoyama period.
You: T-that's true.
Shiraishi: You're pretty good at being a "boke.", you're a natural "boke."
You: ......even if you say that, it doesn't make me very happy.

[+0.5 hearts]

2. About homework
You: For summer homework, usually you have to read a book and write your impressions about it.
Shiraishi: Yeah, we have that. That takes a lot of time.
You: It's true. A lot of the required books are also pretty thick.
Shiraishi: No, I don't really care about what we have to read.
You: Yeah, it's tough writing the impressions essays.
You: ...but only thinking things like that is pretty uncool.
Shiraishi: No, well, it doesn't take that much time.
You: Eh? Then what is it that takes so much time?
Shiraishi: The joke and the punchline.
You: Joke and...... punchline?
Shiraishi: For the impressions essays at our school, you're supposed to include a joke in ten lines, and if there isn't a punchline at the end, you fail.
You: ......that doesn't sound like a reading impressions essay anymore......

[+0.5 hearts]

3. About the weather
You: The weather on the days of the school festival seems like it will be as good as this.
Shiraishi: Right. But lately, there have been things like sudden downpours.
You: Ah, those are troublesome.
Shiraishi: When they come in the middle of a tennis match, they're a huge pain.
You: Ah, but it's nice when it's been hot and it becomes a lot cooler.
Shiraishi: That's true.

[+0.5 hearts]

4. About friends
You: A friend of mine wanted me to ask you, but are you going out with anyone, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: ......what's that about? Who do you mean by a friend?
You: A steering committee member from another school.
Shiraishi: Then tell them I have no comment.
You: Ah, so I guess it really is no good.
Shiraishi: Of course not. You should ask that sort of thing yourself.
You: Well, that's true. I told her that too.
Shiraishi: But you know, I would be fine with going out with you.
You: Eh? B-but I definitely can't......
Shiraishi: I'm joking.
You: A-again...... geez.
Shiraishi: Hahaha.

[+0.5 hearts]

5. About dreams
You: Um...... haaah.
Shiraishi: What's that, you're yawning. You look tired.
You: Ah, I'm sorry! I'm not really getting enough sleep......
Shiraishi: Well, since it's you, you must've been staying up late looking into things for the school festival, right?
You: I do that, but...... the truth is that I'm not really used to the pillow I bought recently.
Shiraishi: Ah, pillows are important. What kind of pillow did you buy?
You: A material foam one.
Shiraishi: Hmm...... I think you shouldn't have any problems with that.
You: How do I say it, it feels like my head is too high......
Shiraishi: Ah, don't you have the pillow backwards?
You: Eh? Backwards......?
Shiraishi: That's right. Isn't the high part under your head?
You: Eh? That's backwards?
Shiraishi: I thought so, sometimes that happens. There are people who use it backwards like that. With those, the high part is supposed to be under your neck.
You: ......I didn't know.
Shiraishi: But it was written in the instruction manual.
You: I didn't read the instruction manual for the pillow......
Shiraishi: But it's fine now, right? Now you won't be short on sleep.
You: Thank you very much for telling me.
You: But anyway, Shiraishi-san, you know a lot about these things.
Shiraishi: Because I've tried them a lot. My bed is also made of material foam.
You: Uwah, that sounds relaxing. I want to try sleeping in it too.
Shiraishi:'re, pretty bold.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Saying you want to sleep together on my bed. It's embarrassing.
You: Ehh!? T-that's not what I meant! It's not that, um......
Shiraishi: I'm joking. You left an opening for me to tease you.
You: G-geez......

[+1.5 hearts]

6. About tennis
You: What's Shitenhouji's tennis club like?
Shiraishi: Let's see...... they've got strong personalities, but we get along well.
You: You don't have any strange practice sessions or anything?
Shiraishi: I think it isn't really anything special. Once every two days, Osamu-chan gives a lecture.
You: ? Osamu-chan?
Shiraishi: Ah, our coach. If we don't call him Osamu-chan, he gets mad.
You: Heeh...... I wonder if it's so it's easy to get close to him......
Shiraishi: At the heart of it all, he's a pretty good coach, though......
You: What does he do?
Shiraishi: If anything happens, he says he'll give you a kokeshi.
You: Ah, you say that sometimes too, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: He's rubbing off on me.
You: Ah, so...... but what's up with that, kokeshi?
Shiraishi: I don't really know either. If he's got some grand scheme or something......
You: Ha, haa...... what a mysterious coach.

[+1 heart]

7. About books
You: Shiraishi-san, did you drop a book?
Shiraishi: A book? No, I don't remember dropping one... what kind of book?
You: This one...
Shiraishi: Hmm? A gardening book. I don't know... it doesn't have a name on it.
You: Really? Then if someone dropped it, I'll go...
????: Ah, that's my book. I was looking for it.
Shiraishi: Oh!? If it isn't Yukimura-kun!
Yukimura: Hey, Shiraishi. It's been a while.
Shiraishi: Yukimura-kun, I heard you were hospitalized, but you're all right now?
Yukimura: Yeah, the operation was a success, so I'll make it in time for Nationals.
Shiraishi: Really, that's good.
You: U-um...
Shiraishi: Ah, sorry, sorry. He's Yukimura, the captain of Rikkai's tennis team.
You: Oh, I see. I'm Hoshino Yui, Yamabuki Chuu's committee representative.
Yukimura: I'm Yukimura, it's nice to meet you. You were the one who picked up this book, right?
You: Ah, yes. Um, I just want to make sure, but...
Yukimura: Oh, that's right. In that book, there's a pressed flower between the pages as a bookmark.
You: Um...
You: Ah, yes, here it is. It really is yours, Yukimura-san. I'll return it to you.
Yukimura: Thanks.
Yukimura: Then, since I don't want to bother you two, I'll excuse myself here... fufu.
You: I'm glad I found the owner.
Shiraishi: That's good, but is that all you have to say?
You: Eh? What do you mean by that's all?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's fine if you didn't get it.
You: ?
Shiraishi: (What, he has an even more dreadful aura than last year... we'll have to be really careful...)
You: In any case, Rikkai's captain wasn't really that scary a person.
Shiraishi: Pfft! B-by scary person you mean... well, I understand that. You're talking about Sanada-kun, right?
You: Y-yeah. I made him angry before.
Shiraishi: Ahh, I get it. He went "Tarundoru!" right?
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Somehow I remember it well. Sanada-kun is the vice-captain.
You: So that's how it is. I really thought...
Shiraishi: Well, he's dignified enough for it, and he does look scary.
You: I-I didn't go that far.
Shiraishi: You don't have to hide it. It was written on your face.
You: G-geez...

[+0.5 hearts]

8. About music
You: Do you think it's better to have some sort of BGM playing in the booth?
Shiraishi: Hmm... BGM for monjayaki...
You: Are there any pieces that seem fitting?
Shiraishi: If it were okonomiyaki... that's right, there are some things by Naniwa's Mozart.
You: ? Who is that?
Shiraishi: There isn't anyone in Kansai who doesn't know.
You: ...somehow I can imagine. It's a comedian, isn't it?
Shiraishi: You're not quite right and not quite wrong.
You: Somehow it feels like it would change the feeling of the shop, so let's stop.
Shiraishi: Well, then let's do that.

[+0.5 hearts]

9. About games
You: Shiraishi-san, could it be that shogi is one of your strong points?
Shiraishi: Heeh, why do you think that?
You: No, somehow I was just wondering.
Shiraishi: Too bad. My strong point is chess.
You: Ah, really. But chess does suit your image more, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: They both have different images.
You: The rules of chess and shogi are similar.
Shiraishi: The small details are pretty different. Like how you can't use the pieces that are taken.
You: And then there were... the pawns. The way they capture is a bit different in shogi, right?
Shiraishi: You know a lot. Have you played chess before?
You: I've only dabbled in it.
Shiraishi: At Shitenhouji, it seems like everyone prefers shogi. There aren't really any opponents for me.
You: I'd be interested a little.
Shiraishi: Then if we have a chance, I'll teach you.
Shiraishi: But there's no handicap, unlike in shogi, so it's a bit hard to make it easier for you.
You: Yes, please.

[+1 heart]

10. About fashion
You: Shiraishi-san, you don't really get tanned, do you?
Shiraishi: That's true for you too. Even though you're running around outside, your skin is beautiful.
You: T-thank you very much. It's because I'm wearing sunblock.
Shiraishi: Do you use any cosmetics besides sunblock?
You: Eh? Um... just face lotion and lip cream.
Shiraishi: Hmm... that's pretty nice.
You: Um... what is?
Shiraishi: Ah, don't worry about it. I'll tell you sometime.
You: Ha, haa...

[+1.5 hearts]

11. About food
You: Shiraishi-san, are you picky about food?
Shiraishi: There isn't really anything I dislike. Being picky is bad for your health, too.
You: That's true. So then are there foods you like?
Shiraishi: Hmm, maybe cheese risotto.
You: Ah, that's tasty. It's pretty easy to make, too.
Shiraishi: Oh, so you can cook.
You: Well, I'm about average. I practice in home economics.
Shiraishi: Then next time, won't you cook some for me? Cheese risotto, that is.
You: Eh? Um... are you serious about that?
Shiraishi: As you guessed, I'm joking.
You: Haa... it's fine with me, but you can't say those kinds of things to other girls. They'll take it seriously.
Shiraishi: Well, if it's you, it's fine if you think I'm serious.
You: Eh? Just now...
Shiraishi: If you let it bother you, you lose.

[+1.5 hearts]

12. About love
You: Shiraishi-san...
Shiraishi: Ah, wait a second.
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: Let me ask questions sometimes too.
You: Ah, okay. That's fine.
Shiraishi: Okay, let's go.
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: (Hoshino-san,) is there anyone you like?
You: Eh!?
Shiraishi: Do you think you want to go out with a person older than you?
You: U-um...
Shiraishi: Do you hate Kansai-ben?
You: N-no, uh...
Shiraishi: Question time is over. Well, the results were pretty satisfying.
You: W-what are you saying, I feel like those were really leading questions...
Shiraishi: It's your imagination.
You: Uu...

[+2 hearts]

Special conversation topic: About the "Bible"

You: Shiraishi-san, they call you the "Bible"?
Shiraishi: Ah, that's true, but...... how did you know?
You: I heard you talking to Minami-senpai before.
Shiraishi: Ah, that time?
You: What do they mean by "Bible"?
Shiraishi: You know, in the Bible, they have the New Testament and the Old Testament......
You: I know that much.
Shiraishi: You responded badly. You should've let the material drag out a little longer.
You: I-I'm sorry.
Shiraishi: Ah, you don't have to apologize. I was joking.
You: When they say the Bible, do they mean something like a textbook?
Shiraishi: Heeh, you understand it well. That's exactly it.
You: So what it means is that Shiraishi-san's tennis is of a style that can be used as a model for other people's tennis?
Shiraishi: That's kind of it. But it's a little different.
You: Different?
Shiraishi: Do you know the main difference between the Bible and a textbook?
You: Eh? Um...... that's it religious?
Shiraishi: It's not that. The biggest difference is that textbooks change over the ages, but the Bible is unchanging.
You: Ah...... I see. That is to say that your tennis is perfect, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Well, it seems like everyone thinks so......
You: Ah, I feel like I understand now. You're not satisfied with your current tennis, are you, Shiraishi-san?
Shiraishi: That's right. If I think that it's perfect, then I can't continue to improve. I still have to be diligent.
You: I think that's really cool of you.
Shiraishi: I-if you say that to my face, it's pretty embarrassing.
You: Fufu, you're always teasing me, so this time I'm returning the favor.

[+2.5 hearts]

Evening + Night
Shiraishi is in the booth space. Different conversation starter... choose a topic!

You: Shiraishi-san, do you have a moment?
Shiraishi: Of course. I don't care how long.
You: Ah, no, it won't take that long.
Shiraishi: I said not to worry. Well, what is it?
You: Um......

Going back home. There are two alternate starting conversations for this, depending on if he invites you or not.
You: Ah, Shiraishi-san. Are you going back now?
Shiraishi: Yeah, that's right.

Do you want to go back together?

First choice:
You: U-um...... if it's all right, do you want to go back to the station together?
Shiraishi: Right, let's do that.

[go to after the +1 heart in the second starter below]

Second choice:
You: Goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah, bye.
[I assume -- didn't actually get to see this one.]

Shiraishi: Oh, (Hoshino-san.)
You: Ah, Shiraishi-san.
Shiraishi: Are you going back now?
You: Yes, I am.
Shiraishi: Perfect timing. I am too.
Shiraishi: How about it, do you want to go back to the station together?

Yes, gladly.
I'm sorry......

First choice:
You: Yes, gladly.
Shiraishi: That's a good answer. Come on, let's go back together.
You: Yes.

[+1 heart]

You: That's right, in Kansai-ben, "omae" is said as "jibun." [different ways of saying "you"]
Shiraishi: Yeah, that's right. I usually use "jibun." There are times when I use "omae," though.
You: I was confused the first time I heard it.
Shiraishi: Well, that happens. (Hoshino-san,) do you not like being called "jibun"?
You: If you're worried, it's fine.
Shiraishi: Then is it all right if I call you "Yui" without honorifics?
You: Eh?
Shiraishi: I won't do it if you don't like it.
You: N-no. It's not that I don't like...... it.
Shiraishi: Then it's decided. Yui.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Ah, no, no. Call me by my name too.
You: Eh...... but......
Shiraishi: It's fine, it's fine. Come on, try it.
You: U-um...... Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: One more time, Yui.
You: Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Mmm, ecstasy! That's nice.
You: Y-yes.
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. Just one thing.
You: Eh? What is it?
Shiraishi: The only thing you're forbidden from calling me is "Kurarin."
You: T-there's someone who does that?
Shiraishi: Only that idiot Koharu. Even though I told him to stop because it's not funny.
You: Fufu, got it.

You: Ah, the station already......
Shiraishi: Ah, it's true. That was pretty fast.
You: That's true...... all right, then goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah. Then, later.

[+1 heart]

Second choice:
You: I'm sorry......
Shiraishi: Really? Then I'll ask Kin-chan or someone. Later.

[-2 hearts]

You: Akutsu-senpai is also helping out like he should...... it seems like the monjayaki stall will go well......

8/30, Tuesday

You: (There aren't any particular plans for today. But we should practice a bit more for the monjayaki stall...)

Mysteriously I met Shiraishi at the gate!!

Shiraishi: Good morning, Yui.
You: Ah, Kuranosuke-san. Good morning.

[+1.5 hearts]

Things to see:
Dan, main building, serve practice minigame

Shiraishi is in the main building. Scene! ...with new music.

You: Kuranosuke-san, what are you doing?
Shiraishi: Uwah!?
Shiraishi: Don't surprise me like that. Yui.
You: ? Are you hiding something?
Shiraishi: Ah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
You: if you say that, it makes me worry unnecessarily.
Shiraishi: You shouldn't worry about it.
You: Haa...
Shiraishi: Ah, that's right. Do you like flowers?
You: Eh? Yes, I like them.
Shiraishi: I see, I see. Then it's okay.
You: Um, what is...
Shiraishi: Oops, I forgot. I'm gonna call Chitose. I'll be right back.
You: ...I wonder what that was about?

Things to see:
Dan, main building, scene with Ryoma that I am not watching
Taka-san, booth space, Seigaku goldfish scooping booth

Shiraishi is in the plaza. He jumps you as soon as you enter, so do everything else first.

Shiraishi: Yui.
You: Eh? Ah, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Do you have a moment?


First choice:
You: Yes, what is it? Are we short on anything?
Shiraishi: Ah, no, it's not about the festival. I thought I'd like to talk with you a bit.
You: Ah, yes.
Shiraishi: It's fine to do your best, but you shouldn't do too much.
You: I'm fine. As expected, I can't compare to the people in the tennis club, but I'm confident in my strength.
Shiraishi: You can't use those guys as a standard. Kin-chan ran all the way from Shizuoka to Tokyo.
You: Eh!? That's... that really is amazing.
Shiraishi: Right. If you compare yourself to that, you'll be acting way more recklessly than you know.
You: T-that's true...
Shiraishi: You're a girl, so if you need strength for anything, just tell us. I'll help out anytime.
You: Eh, but...
Shiraishi: No "buts." You carried a big box by yourself before.
You: Ah, that was light and it wasn't very far.
Shiraishi: Well, even if I want to help, it's already over...
Shiraishi: Even so, you should rely on other people in times like those. Just watching made me think it was dangerous.
You: Am I unreliable? [same word as above -- multiple meanings so hard]
Shiraishi: Let's see, it's like I can't take my eyes off you, or something...
You: Really... I'll be careful next time.
Shiraishi: And also, just watching you makes me tired.
You: Geez, what is that supposed to mean.
Shiraishi: Hahaha.

[n-no hearts?]

Second choice:
You: I'm sorry, I'm a bit busy.
Shiraishi: Ah, is that so. Sorry for stopping you. Later.

[if there are minus hearts for this I do not know]

Evening + Night
Shiraishi is at the tennis courts. Choose any topic.

You: Kuranosuke-san, um...
Shiraishi: Yui, I was waiting for you.
You: Eh? Waiting for me, uh...
Shiraishi: I thought it was about time for you to come. Well, there was something you wanted to talk to me about, right?
You: Ah, yes. Um...

He wants to walk me baaack.

Shiraishi: Oh, Yui.
You: Ah, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Are you going back now?
You: Yes, I am.
Shiraishi: Perfect timing. I am too.
Shiraishi: How about it, do you want to go back to the station together?

First choice:
You: Yes, gladly.
Shiraishi: That's a good answer. Come on, let's go back together.
You: Yes.

[+1 heart]

Shiraishi: The school festival is fun, but somehow people aren't laughing enough.
You: But I feel like everyone in Yamabuki is smiling more. It's thanks to you, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: ...I wonder.
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: ...
You: ...
You: (...what should I do. The conversation has stopped.)


If you poke his chest:
Shiraishi: Is there something weird stuck to me?
You: Ah... no. I was thinking... you look cool in your uniform.
Shiraishi: Hahaha, I'm kind of embarrassed. But being praised by you makes me happy.

If you poke his face:
You: Ah, there's something stuck in your eyelashes. Should I get it out?
Shiraishi: Hm? Yeah, please.
You: Okay, now it's fine.
Shiraishi: Thanks. You smell nice.
You: G-geez... please don't tease me.
Shiraishi: Hahaha. You really are cute.

[+...some number of hearts for either? I was maxed already]

You: Ah, the station already......
Shiraishi: Ah, it's true. That was pretty fast.
You: That's true...... all right, then goodbye.
Shiraishi: Yeah. Then, later.

[+1 heart]

Second choice:
You: I'm sorry......
Shiraishi: Really? Then I'll ask Kin-chan or someone. Later.

[-2 hearts]

You: Ah, my phone... it's from Kuranosuke-san...
You: Yes, this is Hoshino.
Shiraishi: Good evening, this is Shiraishi.
You: Ah, yes. Good evening.
Shiraishi: Sorry for being so sudden, but are you free tomorrow?

Yes, it's fine!
I'm sorry, I have plans...

First choice:
You: Yes, it's fine.
Shiraishi: Your homework is finished too?
You: Yes.
Shiraishi: Well, it's for tomorrow, but will you give me a chance to redeem myself?
You: Eh? By "redeem"...
Shiraishi: The date before wasn't very good, right?
Shiraishi: So this time, I want to have a more fun date.
You: I thought the date before was plenty of fun.
Shiraishi: No, no, I'm not all right with it.
You: Fufu... understood. I'll go out with you no matter how many times.
Shiraishi: Really! Then, will you meet me in front of the station at one tomorrow?
You: Yes, got it. At one o'clock.
Shiraishi: Don't come too early like before.
You: Yes, you too, Kuranosuke-san.
Shiraishi: Okay, then I'll reach the station at 1:00:00 PM.
You: No, you don't need to be that punctual...
Shiraishi: I'm saying I'll have that sort of spirit. See you tomorrow.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
Shiraishi: Good night.
You: A date, huh... I wonder how serious Kuranosuke-san is.

Second choice:
You: I'm sorry, I have plans...
Shiraishi: i see... it can't be helped. Well, later then. Good night.
You: Ah, yes. Good night.
You: (Kuranosuke-san... I wonder if there was something he needed...)