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At last her time had come.

Jasmine moved elegantly across the floor as her sharp eyes never left that of her target. For years she had endured the life of a sex slave...but tonight...tonight she would be able to have her revenge in the sweetest way possible.

It had been the King who had exiled her father and had sent her...a former noblewoman, to the slavers. She had never forgiven...and never forgot. But tonight she would get her justice. It had been several years since then and she knew she had grown into the mold of the ideal harem maiden. She was beautiful, graceful...everything one would desire to add to their harem.

She had seen the heir's eyes on her the moment she had entered. This would be far easier than she had imagined as she knelt gracefully at their feet. Her eyes promised them a night of pleasure. She tenderly caressed their calf and gave a small...sensual...lick to her lush lips before swiftly moving away. The key was getting them alone.

She made sure to throw and inviting look over her shoulder as she made her way out into the gardens. The moonlight gave an ethereal glow to the roses that surrounded the fountain. She sat by the water's edge, ensuring that her red wrap was arranged in an enticing display of her flesh before carefully covering her lips in a love potion, she had already taken the antidote for it...but her prey had not.

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