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Standing in front of the laboratory door Emily stared at it for what seemed like hours. She had worked as a maid for three years. Surely she could be trusted to tidy up the lab?

Except for she had been strictly told to never enter it.

Still...She had always wondered what had kept her Master working in there for such long hours. He never discussed his work and she knew better than to ask. Yet...she had found herself drawn to the laboratory door and could not bring herself to turn and walk down the hall as she usually did. Finally she took a breath and decided that she could at least risk a peek. Her Master had gone out for the afternoon and would not be back until later.

Her hand shook faintly as she reached forward and opened the door. It squeaked on its hinges and the lab was dark save for the light reflecting off of the glass items inside. She turned on the light and dared to step inside. The door shutting behind her with a final slam.

She had only meant to peek...

Now she found herself wandering down the isles that were filled with strange liquids of different colors. She traced her finger gently over them before something smoking caught her eye. There was something steaming in a glass...strange that it should be in that of all things. It seemed to be a light pink liquid with soft pink steam rising from it.

Emily felt her hair raise on the back of her neck as the aroma drifted over to her. But the warning came to late. She was a foolish girl and had come in without a breathing mask as her Master usually wore. The scent of it filled her senses making her eyes slowly cloud over as she walked to her fate.

Her Master had indeed been working on something dark. For the liquid was a living breathing thing...all it needed was a body. The small portions of it that had invaded Emily through her nose and mouth quickly set about corrupting her. Under it's command she gently lifted the glass to her lips. Her hand shaking faintly as some small part of her tried to resist before the strange parasite won over and the liquid slid past her parted lips and down her throat.

The glass fell to the floor shattering as she stumbled, coughing as the liquid filled her blood and entered her brain. She slid to the floor, breathing heavily as she gasped for air... Her lips trembling and her eyes going wide before she stilled at last.

She lay there like a broken doll before her body started to twitch and her eyes turned pink from the creature that had now taken over her body. She stood slowly and made her way out of the lab, closing the door behind her.

The parasite had made some...improvements to her body, her pink eyes looked ahead with dark intent as Emily made her way to the door. Her Master and Creator would be arriving any minute...she couldn't wait to show him her surprise.

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