12-19-12 7:40pm

nobody has ever loved anyone as much as i love you. you take my breath away. you're on my mind every other thought. there is nothing i wouldnt do for you, just because. you hold my heart in your hands. think about it. i mean you walked into my life and changed my plans. you have your mama's big bright eyes. and you can melt my heart with just a smile. is that enough? no. i dont want it to be enough. i want to pull you hair back and kiss your neck, and feel the warmth of you when you lean into me. i want to curl up with you on the couch and fall asleep watching a movie, only to wake up really close and that much more in love. when you look up at me, everything changes. i wake up everyday just happy i know you. and to wake up with you in my arms? nothing can ever take that away from me. i get the best feeling in the pit of my stomach when you smile at me the way you do because i realized somehow i get to keep you forever. im a b***h, how can you love me?