Let's start this! yum_puddi

Since those days I had lots of free time but no plan I spent many hours surfing the net and here in Gaia. This way I managed to save lots of gold way more quickly than I expected! emotion_yatta

So finally yesterday I had my chance.

The thing is I have a list with the items I wish/want the most, and everyday I go to the marketplace and I check the lowest price for them. This way I can have an idea of the price range the item in question is. This way I know how much I need to save for each and I can wait until I see the best price and buy the item at that moment.

The item I was trying to get was Unicorn gaia_crown
Finally the day before yesterday I managed to see my gold counter surpass the 100,000 gold for the first time. And I'm sure there are lots of people here who always own much more money but for me it was an achievement! So I was really happy.
Then, yesterday night it happened some kind of miracle. For a moment I saw Unicorn at the marketplace for 100,000g! I was so so exited. To be honest, since I started checking for it, the lowest price I saw so far was around 107,000g. Never less. So I bought it.

It feels so good to finally get an item you wish so much! And more now that's Christmas and all cat_4laugh

The best was that suddenly (yesterday as well) there was the Shamisen for 20,000 while the lowest price I had written was 22,000g. So... I bought it as well.

OMG. I'm soooooo broken now. But I'm way too happy to care about it! cat_xd

And now I'll start saving for the next item on my wishlist! ^^