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Neko No Mura
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L'enfer A great kingdom that stands far across one of the vast oceans of UNTZ almost parallel to Necropolis in it's location. This kingdom is rich in natural minerals such as gold and silver. They build pyramids of such material. In addition to this the kingdom has paid massive homage to the Gods that they worship. Throughout the lands one can find many statues built in tribute to them.

For a long time the lands were prosperous without fail they grew crops, had massive trades all throughout UNTZ. Without any of the citizen's being aware their god of Death. Anubis was killed and his place was taken by another. This man fit in perfectly for the role and things continued on as they should. In time after years had passed by the new god of death grew restless and struck out against the others. Some he systematically took out, while others he just killed out right. It brought him great joy but left the land in turmoil.

From this point a prophecy was foretold of the Deities return where the land would grow once more and all things would resume. Until that point the land became secluded and they stopped their trades outward with others and kept to their own. They still thrive but they are not too welcoming of outsiders. The worst part of all of this is no one even knows Death is the one who killed the other Deities. They have no idea what caused them to die and even think Anubis is dead.

Some believe him to have fled like a coward and rumors spin that he could have been the cause and he took home in the Necropolis. No one really knows for sure but that is how the tale was spun.

The Land of L'enfer: For the most part L'enfer is a desert sort of land, but the pyramids and tributes are all made of gold. In the dusk hours it casts a beautiful portrait. There are many temples that are barren in the area, vacant and some have been desecrated due to people trying to obtain the previous powers of the Deity that once housed that Temple. The only one that has been stated as off limits due to the high death toll upon entrance has been Anubis'. No one knows why people die when they go inside but it happens every single time someone enters.

Almost every turn one makes they will come across a shop or some sort of festive event happening. While they tend to shun outsiders they will not stop their events to do so. The people of L'enfer are still very happy people and strive to be such even with the horrid past events.

The Forbidden Land of L'enfer.: Other than the one temple there is a segment of the land that is forbidden. It is called The dive In this place it is said that many of the previous God's fought to their death's here and lost. The insuring battle cost them their lives but raped the land leaving it dripping with horrid creatures and a stale air that tends to choke travelers as they enter. It is a place of the dead and a god's grave yard. Many go there thinking to obtain the power of the previous god's.

The Dive

The Dive Guardian Unknown to the people where this creature spawned from it makes a home in The Dive along with many other beings, but unlike the other mindless beasts this thirty foot tall black Knight acts as a guardian within the land. If one goes too deep into The Dive it will appear to smite them and remove them from the land. It holds great power, and some believe it to be the rest of what is left from those who passed on in battle. Others think it was left by the one who killed the other Deities, and there are a few who believe that this is what killed all of the God's, it simply has that much power.

Creatures of The Dive While some of these beings exist all through L'enfer the more dangerous ones are only in The Dive.

Gift : Despite it's appearance Gift is in no way a dragon of any kind. At least by it's blood, by it's appearance one would simply classify it as such. In addition to this they typically eat nothing but fish and only attack people if they are provoked. Even in the water Gift will swim with others without a care in the world. They tend to only get ten feet long with t heir tail's length included. What's more is they are very common to see in L'enfer. Legs not included.

Stygian The Stygian is a very violent and aggressive beast. It is not common to see one in the main land of L'enfer but they populate the dive greatly. These creatures can run through the air flawlessly by heating up the area under their hooves and creating small explosions that make tiny rings under their steps. Many people go to The Dive just trying to catch and tame one. That is a hard task to accomplish because although they are beasts they are not dumb and lash out without warning. Regardless of how they appear they are very much predators.

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