Aside from my Radiant Galaxy quest, which I am too lazy to complete because, let's face it.. the items I have left to get are pretty hideous -- I actually have some new quests I will be too lazy to complete! But I'm putting them here anyway just as a reference in the future that I actually did have a plan at one time and I had an idea that I wanted to go with. Aside from this I still need to get 100 mil pure.. and when I do, I doubt I will want to spend. But hey, I was close and ended up spending so anything is possible now. The way I value gold is finally starting to deteriorate.

    User Image The Sandman
    User Image The Sandman Dreams -- Angelo suggested to use this one. Debating on it and Sundae Sweets. Lips are literally the same thing only a few pixels difference in shape/color.
    User Image SDPlus #354 Cassiopeia

    The lip item I am questing can be interchangable. Meaning.. I am not sure which one to get yet. The options all look okay with the avatar I want. Cassiopeia would also help my Radiant Galaxy quest but I am not sure which to go for. It is the most affordable of the items I am going for though, so I should figure out one at some point.

    User Image Butterfly's Lament -- I got bored of waiting around and bought this 12/30/12 XD

    I need another Butterfly's Lament. I tend to use the shoes a lot but finding stockings/pants/something to wear over my legs with the shoes is difficult. I usually wear Lawful Master stockings with the heels but I don't really like them all that much. I also don't care if wearing more than one item from a set is frowned upon. It's my avatar and if I have 4.2 mil (roughly the price of the item at the moment u__u blah) to drop to buy ANOTHER of the same item I have already then more power to me. I seriously can't find any other stocking/sock or something to cover my legs that gives me the lean shape I want while being a nice rich black color. The added zipper detail is something I really love too.

    User Image Devil Tail

    This might be the only real item I have been questing for a while. I have enough pure for it but I just never LOVED it enough to want to drop that much on it. It is actually just an alternative to the Demon Vassal item that I prefer for the avatar. But hey, I always could use a nice Devil Tail. *u*

    User ImageNitemare Mini Wings

    The lulz part of the quest. I'll get it eventually. I probably won't even want them when I do acquire such gold. This is my first illogical avatar quest so .. of course I'd shove those suckers on it.

    Obviously with all of these things I want to make my avatar look like an expensive whoar, okay? You're not a true rich b*tch if you don't have that one whoar look in your Gaian wardrobe, GOD. D8<