The saga continues, this time better, and with about a thousand improvements.

This is mainly asking, "What would happen if Christian didn't die?"

Sync'll happen without the Crossblade getting too involved, and with adjustments to respective characters and locations as they appear now. (Mostly). Some of the unoriginal characters will be switched up. Fox and Link, for example, are out of the equation now. Instead, stuff's different for "Dreamland", which'll now be called Dreamscape.

And it won't be a mega crossover with all of my other stuff, so rest easy.


-Tartarus Hold-


[Christian is unconscious, laying upon the barren bed of his room within the Hold. {In Sync, the Tartarus Hold was originally named the Rest-post. It served as the "simulated" residence for the mortals of Darkness, such as the Shades, among others. It wasn't impressive in the initial version. Now, it is a small castle}]


[At his bedside flies a Sorenian Fairy. She is dressed in regal, lavish garments--a mage-esque appearance. Her smooth skin is a shady purple, brighter purple highlights on her hands and shoulders. Her hair is black and wavy, reaching the ground with ease. As for her apparel, her dress is a blend between dark blue, purple, and pure black. The corset is tight as can be around even her small figure. Her wings are wicked and devilish. {Lea is no longer part wolf, along with the other Shades. She appears in her natural form.}.]


"I can't believe he did it. But... I also can't believe what he had to do."

"It is what it is."

"...What...? This has happened three times, Idi. Three. We can't just put it to bed like that..."

"...We have other matters."

"...Brother is our matter."

"Brother knows the risks of these battles, as well as the consequences of straying from our Lord. He is lucky he survived."


Naught: [The Great Figure of Darkness sits on his throne, observing the events unfolding across Fantasy through peculiar orbs which encircle his body. This pitch black demon lifts a hand at one orb, which is currently observing his minions at the Hold...] ...


"He only just made it out of that one."

"He alright?"

"He'll be fine. He's not being too smart about things though. He needs to stay with us. We'll keep a closer eye on him."

"Sounds like a plan. So what happened at the Paradox?"

"Same thing that happened when he faced you. Sonic, do you remember your surge of power?"

"After I went super? 'Sure do."

"He faced this surge threefold. The three foes--I think their names are Jovany, Riolu, and Eve--went ballistic. They were a match for Lord Naught himself."

"You're not serious..."

"Unfortunately, I am."


Naught: [He moves his arm to the side, commanding the next orb in line to pause before him. It shows his minions in the Hold as well, albeit a different location within this simulated reality of his design.]


Lea: [She continues to fly at Christian's bedside...] ... [She whispers, looking down at the human.] You fool... You're such a reckless fool, Brother. But we love you. We share the same blood.

Christian: [Laying on his back, he remains trapped within a deep slumber. He is scarred and bruised.]

Lea: [She smiles, continuing to whisper to him.] While you were away, we accomplished so much... We liberated Corus. Now we are using the reservoirs of the Great Figures of Light left there to locate the final Phazes... With them, Darkness will be all powerful. Light will stand no chance... Ah, Christian, I wish you were there. With new Phazes come new worlds--new Eclipses... We could have Eclipses, Brother. They could belong to Darkness... Just think of the possibilities.


Naught: ...Hmm... [His voice is incredibly deep and ambient. It appears to reverberate.] My Advocate... You truly are a fool among fools. You are in desperate need of guidance... Desperate indeed... Mmm...


[Upon the planet Earth, which has been irreparably damaged by the deeds of the forces of Darkness and beyond, few heroes are united under a sky of red; this world of ruin.]

Amen: [The oldest of the heroes, he appears to be a tribal elf, wearing a symbolic white cloak adorn with markings of blue. These symbols are seen on his face. His unique hair covers one of his purple eyes, whilst one section remains spiked high at the front of his head. A jeweled staff is strapped to his back. He is one of four who are currently sitting around a fire. Much like them, he possesses many injuries.]

Rush: [Amen's adopted son. He is a different species altogether, however. He is a Luxalan, a creature similar to a Sorenian. His world is simply the moon of Soren. His body is crimson, a single, crescent-shaped tendril running down the back of his head. He wears tight clothing woven for close combat. Both of his wrists appear to have high-tech devices... His hair is jet black, spiky as can be, supported with a idiosyncratic martial arts headband. He possesses no wings... Rush sits, hugging his knees to his chest as he stares into the fire, seemingly traumatized.]

Danithan: [A former wanderer of unknown origins, Danithan is a human being possessing unrealistic power. The symbol upon his forehead, known as the Ecliptix, grants him immense power based on the phase of the moon, or the Ecliptic energy present. His clothing is strikingly simple: a black T-shirt, loose denims, a red baseball cap worn backwards, and sunglasses. Beneath the glasses, his eyes are closed.]

Derrick: [One of the most unique individuals here, Derrick is a human who had apparently come from the distant future. His attire appears to be science fictional. It seems to be that of a technologically supreme, dark green space suit--almost a second skin. He is armored, wearing a helmet which shields his face. Beneath the rounded helmet is a display module which only he can see, the module revealing his environment in the form of futuristic hud display. He is not paying attention to the fire, as he is distracted with his suit's settings.]


[Safa... The village of Oathville is in ruins as well.]


Safiri: [With her head hanging low, beaten and bloody, she paces around her hometown, refusing to offer a glance to the destruction which surrounds her... This young, miniscule vixen is alone...]

"I don't know where he went, but..."

"It doesn't matter anymore."

"Light messed up."

Safiri: [A streak of radiance forms at her paws. This red beam of light trails across the ground in a complex line. She lifts her head, noticing multiple streaks of red begin to form all around her village. These symbolic lines dart off into the distance, as if guiding her.]



"That's it..."


[Soren... The homeland of the Fairies.]

Kutzu: [On his knees, he watches as his beloved friends' castle burns... Tears and sweat drop down his scarred face and his broken body... This boy in a girl's world is alone...]

"We can't do our job because we're too few."

"We need heroes."

Kutzu: [Much like the previous scenario, red lines illuminate the ground around him. He glances from side to side, noticing these lines splitting apart in a V formation. He stands initially, hesitant... He flies, following one of the rays of light as it swerves around the entirety of the burning castle.


"Forget the Believer."

"We need a breakthrough."


Princess Cellie: [The Celebi princess of the Healing Lands--a land of legends--flies around her kingdom, tears streaming from her face. Her home has been devastated, ashes falling from the sky as the world burns before her watery eyes.]

"Mother Melodis is gone. The Phazes are still incomplete."

"We must go to Corus. It is the only way to seek out new allies. Her power will guide us..."

Princess Cellie: [She begins to notice strange red lights form patterns around the kingdom grounds. Hundreds of these grounded beams of light shoot off into the horizon. The princess follows, curious and desperate.]


"Father... Corus is dead... It belongs to Darkness now."

"We need the Eclipses."


"The Eclipses..."


"Yes. Our breakthrough."

So continues the story...~