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CYS part 20
The next day, Yashiro went to the bedroom, and wore his shirt off, and checked the scars, but it disappeared. The he went out and glanced at Chris and Shermie, then looked away, made them wonder and followed him.
Shermie: Want to say something?
Yashiro: I was wondering...The scars are gone.
Chris: It's written in the book, remember?
Yashiro: That? I thought it's fake.
Chris: Honestly? It's not fake.
Yashiro: Hmm, but-...
Shermie: You'll be interviewed tomorrow.
Yashiro: Oh really?
Shermie: Yeah, someone sent me a message.
Yashiro: I only?
Shermie: Yes...
Yashiro: No problem!
The day after that, Yashiro went to the station, where he'll be interviewed by its host, and met her before they'll start. The show has started.
Host: Good afternoon everyone! Today, we'll be hosting the bandleader of an international band, Yashiro Nanakase.
Yashiro walked towards the chair and glanced at the audience, made him feel awkward from their surprised faces, and sat on the chair.
Host: Hello, how are you?
Yashiro: I'm fine.
Host: So, we'll start about the incident that happened lately, is that true?
Yashiro: Yeah, it is.
Host: What happened?
Yashiro: A serial killer attacked me, the reason is clear from the name.
Host: And how did you survive? No one can ever survive that way.
Yashiro: I only tried not to 'give up'. That's all!
Host: Wow, everyone is impressed about that! Where are the scars? Isn't it deep enough to bleed?
Yashiro: I had but it's gone already.
Host: Interesting, how?
Yashiro: Uh...maybe the doctor putted something to hide the scars...
Host: Can you show us? Haha, I'm sure everyone are willing to see.
Yashiro: Since I'm wearing a buttoned shirt..Ah hah! I don't think so!
Host: Hahahah, too bad. Everyone wanted to see your abs here!
Yashiro: Is that so?
Host: Yes, and now, it's time to see request from the audience. First everyone will get a raffle ticket and the one who'll get the winning number wins, only three numbers.
Everyone took their tickets and looked at the number, hoping that they'll be the winners.
Host: The winning numbers are: seven, one and eight! Come here.
The one who won came on the stage, and all of them were girls.
Host: Let's start with number one. What do you want?
No. 1: Umm, something interesting...aha! I want you to sing!
Yashiro: Haha! Okay, after the other two will get what they want.
Host: Then, number seven.
No. 7: Dance with me...any kind of dancing.
Yashiro: Well, I don't know any kind of dancing for two.
Then the girl whined a bit while going back to her seat, and really wanted to dance, as an only chance. Then the host called the last, number eight.
No 8: It's a bit over requested...
Yashiro: What's it?
No 8: A kiss on my cheek, that's all...
Yashiro chuckled and kissed her quickly to not feel anything, and the girl shouted, and her face turned red.
Yashiro: You didn't have to....overact like that...
Host: Okay, now the first request?
Yashiro: Oh, right!
The cameraman gave Yashiro the microphone and turned one of their old songs, and he sang.
Host: Nice! It looks like you never changed!
The long interview continued.

To be continued

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