((Im trying out writing a diary being Ciel Phantomhive enjoy))
Finally a little peace and quiet. I can finally write in my diary. Well then i will write about what i think and what im feeling....Well lets see today was rather busy for my butler Sebastian. He was doing so many things today i only wonder if he ever gets tired of doing all of that i mean i have the others who can clean, cook, water the plants cut the grass etc. But he rather do it himself then let the other workers do there job. But if he wants to do all of that then he can but at times he can go overboard of doing all of that to impress me.*Sigh*Also whats with him and cats seriously one look at a cat he will act differently. Why can't he be a dog lover instead of a cat lover damn it!...Sorry about that it just ticks me off when he plays with cats. Also iv been seeing strange things on the internet with fan made pictures and sexual manga with me and Sebastian...gawd please spear me for once please i have a loving fiance and i-i love her okay. And yes im bisexual so i do love both genders.