Wow. Out of all of my ex girlfriends each of them except a select few are all either engaged or married. Damn I am unlucky. First there was Taylor who cheated on me and married some dude up in Georgia (Mind you me and her both live in Texas), there's Amy who is now engaged to her boyfriend of 2 and a half months. My god. Marriage is a sacred thing dumbshits. Not something you can just go around and say, "Hey I love you. So will you marry me?" it never works. It always ends in divorce. Wait until you fully know the person before you marry them. Learn what makes them tick. That way when you are married you won't have a childish fight like me and my ex Ashleigh had that ruins everything. Seriously. Don't rush into Marriage. It's a sacred vow of being together forever. But I guess do whatever, learn from your own dumbass mistakes I suppose.