7.50PM, Friday, 28th December 2012

And here I am, 2012, live, well, feeling dead. I didn't have the best year of my life, not the worst either. I was stuck in a horrid class again but thanks to a friendly, Drazul, he helped me through out the year and I, myself, gotta give him creds. We supported one another through out the whole entire year and it was crappy. I just hope the next year goes mercy on me.

Conflicts in school are very constant. People in my class are pushing me around because I can't speak chinese and they made me an alien, an anti-social shait. I'm not so soft to go down like that, I 'used' to be that social-guy type of person so I managed to get the odd ones from the 'gang' to have my back. Turns out, they have the same interest as me, I'm happy about that.

As for the 'bullies' and their doing, they push me around (literally), 'hit' me but saying hit is too soft for what I got, throws books at me, blame me, insult me etc. And the word 'neutral' in my friendhood is not found. It's either 'good' or 'bad'. Who got my back against these bullies? The answer: Emerson (Shinjiru Shiokawa). I don't need to explain how he does it. He has been my closest friend for almost 10 years and we ain't that old.

The teachers hate me, well most of them. The saddest part about an average student in a bad class is that everyone has to respect for you and either for themselves. Teachers tend to accuse me for cheating or stealing another persons belonging. I can't do anything about it, it's just how it is. It was bad 3 years ago, it's bad now. Who else gets bullied more than me? A guy named Zaim. Idiot of the school. School's degraded mascot. Everyone hates him and does everything bad to him, stripping him, beating him up, molesting (=.=), insulting him, posting horrid pics of him, more to add over than, he's Dyslexic. He manages somehow and for that, creds to him.

Majesticly, my Steam acc got hacked a couple months after the mid-year. So that lost points with my gamur friends and found a new bunch, the smarties. One of them is a YouTuber, he makes vlogs about random stuff in particular and recently released a music video "N3rd Rag3". They are the coolest. Nuff said. Also I don't play Dota 2 but ALL of them do.

Since the hackage, I lost all hope in making videos and seeked out for help. Kindly enough a couple of guys helped me but they dont wanna be introduced. I played the 'only singleplayer' MW2 not too long ago and it was great. Still makin' videos that is. I have a second career on DeviantArt as ArtGabu and I mostly draw the drawn but sometime I do original art.

Well that's enough about me this year. Next year will be tougher.

"MotherF*cker, F*ck the F*cking world, and my new band is called Syskill."