Hello! yum_puddi

This is iwearyukata. But to abrebiate you can call me Yuka, or whatever you want. I'm not the kind who gets mad by people giving me new nicknames.

To be honest I'm not quite sure if I will really use this journal thing. But since it was there I wanted at least to try it. So here I am... writting nonsenses emotion_sweatdrop

As some of you probably noticed already my main language isn't english, so if there's someone reading, please bear with it.

So my entries here probably will be about my Gaia life. Nothing about my personal life and I guess nothing about my fandoms either. But hey, if someone wants to talk with me about it just send me a pm or whatever you prefer and we can chat about anything! cat_whee
It's just that I like privacy.

Well. That's all for now.