Cheaters. The scorn of the earth. Everyone knows them, everyone knows what they do. But what people don't know is how they think. I think I've figured it out. Their mentality is that whenever a more attractive or likeable guy/girl comes along and they don't have the heart to tell their primary girl/boyfriend about it they decide to go with the secondary without telling the primary. When the primary finds out and goes off on the girl/guy the person retorts with excuses as to why they did it. Which normally implicates the Primary as the culprit and cause of it. Cheating causes anger and hatred. At this point in my life I'd like to kill my ex. She cheated on me with a dude from Georgia. And is now moving in with him. This is the exact reason I don't date girls who most guys would consider "Hot" or "Sexy". They cheat. They are always cheaters. No matter what. If you don't have money or good looks, then well buddy you're sh*t outta luck. Best thing to do is find a girl you think is attractive and go with them. Learn from my mistakes.