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CYS part 18
The next morning, while eating breakfast.
Shermie: It's so lonely here...
Chris: Wbhy?
Shermie: What?
Chris: wbhy da pace ish lony?
Shermie: ....Swallow the food first..
Chris noticed that he wasn't clear on what he said and swallowed the food.
Shermie: What did you say?
Chris: Why the place is lonely?
Shermie: It's quiet here...
Chris noticed that she meant by 'quiet', she wanted to say that it's lonesome without Yashiro presence. After eating, they went to the hospital to visit Yashiro and asked the nurse about the room number. Then they found the room, after many floors. Shermie opened the door and found Yashiro lied on the bed unconscious and his body is being covered by bandages. They sat on the sofa, and Shermie looked at the life monitor, Yashiro's heartbeat was beating slowly.
Chris: You look a bit more worried than usual.
Shermie: I am.
Chris: Hmm, I'm sure that he'll be fine.
Shermie: I hope so...
They stayed there for a while until the doctor came, and told them that he'll call them when he'll notice that the wounds are recovered and the heartbeat will come back to normal, then they went back home. Chris stayed with Shermie in the living room, thinking about Yashiro.
Chris: Maybe you're right...
Shermie: About what?
Chris: The place is lonely here.
Shermie: And quiet too..
Chris: Maybe we can do something?
Shermie: I'm not in the mood today.
Chris felt more depressed since the incident and stayed in the bedroom, alone. After one week, the doctor called Shermie in the morning and informed that they can visit Yashiro again, and went to the hospital and stayed in the room for while. While waiting, Shermie heard a breathing coming from her other side, and found out that Yashiro woke up but gasped painfully, then Shermie held his hand.
Shermie: Are you okay?
Yashiro: N-no...I'm not..sure.
Chris: ....What do you feel now?
Yashiro: All what I can feel is pain...as if it appeared just now..
Shermie: Hmm...
Yashiro: Since when...you came here?
Shermie: Just one hour ago, why?
Yashiro: Just asking....
They stayed silent for a while, due to Yashiro's weakness. Then finally the pain decreased, giving him a chance to move a bit and look around clearly.
Yashiro: Was I like that before?! Ow!
Shermie: Calm down, what do you mean?
Yashiro: I'm covered with bandages all around my body..
Shermie: Is that so? You were bleeding.
Yashiro: I know but-...
Shermie: To cover the stitches.
Chris: Shermie was so worried more than usual because of you!
Shermie: Chris!
Yashiro: Hahaha! I didn't know that!
Shermie: Next time don't do that!
Chris: I thought you'll say it by yourself.
Shermie: No, I didn't want to! ...And you did cry to tears when Yashiro died in '97 remember?
Chris: Of course I will, if I really care about the person...
Shermie: Then the same goes with me.
Yashiro: (Hmm, I didn't know that Shermie actually cares that much about me, maybe she finds me-...nah, not sure about it.)
The doctor came inside to ask Yashiro several question about how he felt, and his condition. Then Chris and Shermie left the hospital, and will visit in the next day.

To be continued

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