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CYS part 17
Chris went out from the alley to look for someone and ask help, while Shermie stayed with Yashiro to make sure he won't lose his consciousness, and held his hand tightly.
Shermie: Promise me, don't give up...
Yashiro: I....promise...Agh!
The blood started to decrease, which made Yashiro feel terrible pain surrounding his body. Happily, Chris found someone walking in the street, he felt that she looked familiar but didn't have time to think and about, and it was Blue Mary.
Chris: Hah?! Hey wait!
Blue Mary: Yes? Hmm?
Chris: Someone is dying and doesn't have enough time!
Blue Mary: Where?!
Chris pointed to the alley and Blue Mary followed him. When they arrived, Blue Mary was shocked from all the blood, covering the place, and quickly called the police to call the ambulance. Shermie stared at Blue Mary and remembered who she is, but ignored that and concentrated on saving Yashiro. The ambulance car came and quickly took Yashiro and the rest to the hospital, taking him to the emergency room while the others are waiting in the hallway. Chris sat on the chair while waiting for Shermie and Blue Mary to get out from the bathroom, but took a while.
Shermie: Why did you save him?
Blue Mary: What do you mean?
Shermie: You don't remember me, right? When we were trying to awaken the Orochi.
Blue Mary looked at Shermie, trying to remember her. Then she remembered that she beat Shermie that time, and thought more deeply.
Shermie: Now you remember? It's odd that you really did something like that. Thanks!
Blue Mary stayed quiet for a while and remembered the blood of Yashiro, then wondered how that happened in a terrifying way.
Blue Mary: What happened to him?
Shermie: Chris said that he got attacked by serial killer, he didn't have enough time to explain...
Blue Mary: I'll go and ask him.
They went out from the bathroom and went to Chris to ask him.
Blue Mary: What happened there? In the dark alley?
Chris: I only know that a man wanted to kill Yashiro for no reason, maybe just to entertain himself, maybe he's a serial killer or something. I don't know his name yet.
Blue Mary: How he looked like?
Chris: Long haired, bloody orange. Has a pale skin and he's thin enough to go through small places. He wears a shirt with teared sleeves colored in black and white pants. Dark soulless eyes. That's all what I know about him.
Blue Mary: Freeman...
Chris & Shermie: Freeman?
Blue Mary: We've been detecting him since he appeared in Southtown, I heard that a sniper shot him and fell into the river, but the police didn't find his body. Maybe he survived.
Chris: It's not good...
Shermie: What?
Chris: Freeman stated that he'll be following Yashiro til he make sure that he's dead...
Blue Mary: Maybe we should use someone as a bait...someone healthy.
Shermie: Who?
Blue Mary: Chris.
Chris: I'm not going to survive if I were a bait!
Shermie: Forget about it! We're going to watch ourselves.
Blue Mary stood up and left them alone, thought that she can't have a chance to catch Freeman. The doctor went out from the operation room and walked towards Chris and Shermie.
Doctor: I have good news, and bad news.
Shermie: The good first.
Doctor: He survived. The bad news is, he lost a lot of blood. We'll give him blood transfusion. But might take a while to regain the blood.
Shermie: Okay...
They went back home but couldn't sleep, but thin about what happened.

To be continued

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