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CYS part 16
One day, someone invited Yashiro to go with him on a club, and he accepted. When they night came, Yashiro informed Chris and Shermie that he's going to a club with someone to see if it's interesting to play there, and left the house. He arrived at the club but didn't find the man, everyone said that they know him, but he left. Yashiro stayed for a while inside the club, talking with some of his fans about the band. After having a long night, he left the club. While on his way home, a strange sound came from a dark alley, close to their house, made him feel curious and looked inside the alley. Without feeling anything, Yashiro felt something that touched his neck, and found that his choker was cut somehow, which made him feel more aware of the place he's inside. Then saw running shadows around, a shadow of one person, but looked like more than one from the same person. A man suddenly hit Yashiro to the car, and got surprised by the man.
Yashiro: Who the heck are you?!!
???: Kekekeke!
The man didn't answer or say anything, but having a killer smile on his face, thought, not clearly shown. Yashiro felt that staying still will make the man hit him again, then he attempted to punch the man angrily, but found out that he disappeared, then appeared in another angle and attacked him. The man continued disappearing and appearing from another angle, which made Yashiro really get confused and got hit to the wall, and break it.
???: Freeman...
Yashiro: Freeman??!
The voice of the man looked ghostly, and maybe he's called Freeman. Freenman attempted to slash Yashiro, to make him bleed and suffer, and used his shadow trickery to distract Yashiro. After Yashiro received many wounds from Freeman, he started to feel dizzy and stayed in the corner of the alley, couldn't attack anymore from the damage he received, and Freeman stopped attacking too.
Freeman: I kill people. I do whatever I want. Punish them, and suffer...then DIE!
Yashiro: Ungh! So...you want to....kill...me?
Freeman grinned and hit Yashiro again, and threw him to the car, made Yashiro feel weak already and couldn't move anymore, but stay in the corner or the alley.
Freeman: Is that enough? You want to die now?
Yashiro: N-never!
Freeman slashed Yashiro again and continued, which made him vomit blood from the pain.
Freeman: I Guess that I'll stay here until you die...
Freeman tilted his head while looking at Yashiro suffer, and got hit out of nowhere, then turned back to find another victim that could entertain his pleasure.
Freeman: Mm, a little boy...
Yashiro: Chris? Chris! Stay out of this place!!
Chris: But you're-...Agh!
Freeman caught Chris and hit him against the wall to strangle him. Freeman felt safe that Yashiro can no longer move and just focused on strangling Chris. Yashiro fought the pain and stood up.
Yashiro: Stay...away...from him...
Freeman: Still alive?!
While Freeman is being distracted, Chris kicked him to get away and attacked him again. Freeman stayed few steps away from them and made a small laugh.
Freeman: As long as you stay here, I'll be following you until you die. Such a strong person like you!
Freeman jumped away on top of Southtown's building to search for another victim in the streets. Yashiro walked slowly to the corner of the alley, and fell, trying to hold the wounds. After Chris finished breathing, he remembered Yashiro's state and rushed to him.
Chris: Are you okay?!
Yashiro: Not really...just go...and call Shermie...
Chris: But what if he comes back?!
Yashiro: Just...go!
Chris thought deeply about what to do, and ended up staying with Yashiro to make sure Freeman has gone already.
Chris: I...can't..
Yashiro: You can...do it!
Chris was about to go and found Shermie on her way, and hurried to her.
Shermie: What happened to you?
Chris: Yashiro's not fine!
Shermie: What do you mean?
Chris: He got attacked by a serial killer and...there's no time to talk about it!
Shermie followed Chris to the dark alley, and found Yashiro semi-conscious, covered with blood. Shermie hurried to him and gave her phone to Chris to call the ambulance, but no one could answer in such a late dark night. Shermie looked at Yashiro and lifted his head up.
Shermie: Yashiro! Don't close your eyes, stay with me!
Chris: What to do? No one answered.
Shermie: I think I have to deal with it...
Yashiro: No...you...can't...I lost....so much....blood...

To be continued

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