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CYS part 15
The next morning, while the weather was sunny and clear, Yashiro fell in thought about changing Chris' personality. Shermie came to the balcony.
Shermie: What are you doing here?
Yashiro: Just thinking about something.
Shermie: About what?
Yashiro: About the personality of Chris.
Shermie: What wrong with that?
Yashiro: You know, he needs to be more....manly.
Shermie: ..What do you mean?
Yashiro: Like the way of talking, his voice, and needs to develop some things...Or even his reactions.
Shermie: Ooh! Like overacting like what you're doing now?
Yashiro: What?!
Shermie: Heehee! Just kidding.
Yashiro: I'll try then!
Shermie: (Oh dear, does he really insist on doing it?)
Yashiro walked around the house, and found Chris in the yard, playing with Tatsuuru.
Yashiro: Hey, Chris!
Chris let Tatsuuru fly somewhere and Yashiro came to him.
Yashiro: Why don't we...play something? Maybe to increase your strength?
Chris: Uh, like what? Having a match?
Yashiro: But before that, we'll so who's the strongest by arm wrestling!
Chris' eyes widened from being surprised by Yashiro's idea, and was speechless enough to stay quiet, then finally talked in surprise.
Chris: B-but...how come? And...you're way...bigger than me?!
Yashiro: Come on! Size doesn't matter!
Chris: Wha~t?! Ah!
Yashiro grabbed Chris to the backyard and both sat on the chair, and Yashiro putted his arm first, but Chris didn't want to.
Chris: ...No.
Yashiro glared at Chris to make him change his mind and accept the first challenge, while Shermie was looking at them though the window.
Shermie: (Here he goes~!)
Chris prepared himself for the challenge and putted his arm with Yashiro's on the table.
Yashiro: One, two, three!
At the first, Yashiro stayed still while Chris was trying to beat him, but couldn't, then used both arms, and Yashiro beat Chris easily afterwards.
Chris: That's unfair! You're stronger than me!
Yashiro: Then try to do a handstand!
Chris: It's easy.
Yashiro: Hmm, with one arm!
Chris: Like the donkey kick?
Yashiro: Nope, handstand push ups.
Chris: What?!
Yashiro: No buts. You accepted the challenge.
Chris: I thought only the wrestling is the challenge...
Yashiro: There are more.
Chris sighed and chose a perfect place to balance himself, then removed his one arm but it unbalanced his body and fell. Again, did the same mistake. Yashiro couldn't stop laughing each attempt
Yashiro: Watch me do it, it's simple!
Chris: Fine, go ahead.
Yashiro did the one handstand push ups lightly and landed on his feet. Chris' jaw fell from being amazed that he can't do it.
Yashiro: See? It's easy!
Chris tried to do what Yashiro did, but ended up falling on his back, for many attempts, then he stayed on ground and gave up.
Chris: Can we try something else??
Yashiro: Hmm...let's start a match then!
Chris: Okay! (Perfect!!)
They went to a garden next to their house, and Shermie followed them ,from behind. Then Chris and Yashiro stood on the center of the garden, where nothings can hit them, and made a distance between each other.
Yashiro: Ready?
Chris: Ready!
And the match has started, Yashiro attempted to attack first to see Chris' abilities, but he didn't find him anywhere.
Chris: Behind you!
Yashiro turned back and got a surprised attack by Chris, then again, Chris used chain attacks to slower Yashiro and made him get dizzy. While Yashiro was trying to concentrate in his spot, Chris attacked him again mercilessly. After Yashiro gained his consciousness, he found a perfect spot to counterattack Chris. Chris attacked again but wasn't aware of Yashiro's counterattack, and was hit. It was Yashiro's chance to strike again, and used his main power attacks, while Chris defended himself from certain moves, and used one more move to finish Yashiro, awaken the blood on himself and finished Yashiro with his flames, then came back to normal.
Chris: Yes! That was fun!
Yashiro: Eh, I guess you're not that bad.
A clapping sound came between the trees, and was Shermie who clapped.
Shermie: Nice match!
Chris: Thanks.
Both Yashiro and Chris breathed heavily from being tired, and ended up falling on the grass.
Chris: Next time.....don't do it.
Yashiro: Anytime!
Chris: Nooo...
Shermie giggled and said to herself something that she hears it always "Boys are always boys".

To be continued

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