Merry Christmas to all!
I'm having a very leisurely and lazy day...and I haven't opened any gifts yet, not that I really care. I don't think that Christmas gifts have really ever been emphasized as the most important aspect of Christmas to me. I mean, when I was younger and didn't have to worry about giving gifts and wondering if I spent enough money, etc Christmas was a lot more fun. And getting stuff was fun, too. But honestly, now that I'm older, I don't really care about gifts. They're just material objects that are eventually going to be outdone, get broken, or become boring.

That being said, I'm really glad we're participating in Compassion Christmas this year. Not only so I don't have to worry about what to get people but also just because I'd rather spend time with my family than receive stuff that will just clutter up my house. And the money I don't spend on my family goes to people that really need it. So I am content.

I wonder how the people in Thailand are doing on this decidedly non-secular holiday...

of course, it's basically become secular here in the West. But just because something has been perverted and twisted doesn't mean we should accept it as so. We don't associate Christmas with Jesus, not really. Not anymore. Christmas goes hand in hand on Santa and reindeer and greed and greed and greed. The more toys, the better. The more expensive, the better. Meanwhile, thousands of years ago, the best gift of all time was the birth of a baby boy who would, thirty something years later, die for all of us. And still we sit, anxiously awaiting the wrapped items, as if they could ever compare to the gift of a Savior.

Jesus is the real reason for the season. He is the reason this holiday even exists. We can't just forget Him because society has ruled religion to be inappropriate. This is also the same society that tells us that girls have to be size 00 and XS. The same society that says marriage is stupid and one night stands are normal. The same society that figuratively castrates men and then wonders why there aren't any "real" men left in the world. The same society that thrives on cheap chick flicks about sex. The same society that tries to erase God's existence from its books, then questions where God is when tragedy strikes.

Society is a hypocrite. Why do we listen?
Why don't we listen to the only One that truly understands? The One who knows all, sees all, and yet loves us all the same? The one that sent His only Son to die on the cross so that we could be with Him?



*Edit* Thank you, anon, for reading this. I do realize that Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, that we simply celebrate His birthday on that day. All the same, I appreciate your corrections. ^_^