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CYS part 14
They trained in two days and took a rest for two other days, and the day of the concert came, and took their special starred rooms in the plaza. Yashiro wore as usual, the outfit that would fit him, and Shermie wore one of her best clothes, then Chris, was simple and busy with brushing and arranging his hair. Yashiro knocked Chris' door and entered his room.
Yashiro: Brushing like usual...
Chris: Because-...H-hey! Stop it!
Yashiro ruffled Chris' hair freely, which made Chris get mad at him and talked in a high pitched voice.
Chris: Why would you do that?!!
Yashiro: You don't have to use time rearranging your hair, I think it's windy today.
Chris: That's why I brushed!
Yashiro: ...Sorry.
Then Shermie came and told them that the concert will begin in five minutes, then they hurried to the stage, and the place was full of crowd, cheering them in excitement and couldn't wait to know which music they will play this time. They walked towards their instruments, and Yashiro took the microphone.
Yashiro: Hey everyone! Today, we'll be playing one of our most popular music. Re: Bloody!!
The lights turned off the change the color to the required theme to fit the music, turning the hot red colors with some other mixtures.
They played the music and ended it with a bass to higher the effect of the ending, then they walked towards the edge of the stage advertising about their album and other musics and songs they have, Chris was too close from the edge and fell down by his fans, who were grabbing him without giving his a chance to balance, and Chris hurried to go back up before his fan girls would just go insane, then moved away from the edge, being scared by his fans, and Shermie giggled.
Yashiro: Thanks everyone! We'll see you next time!!
Then they went down from the stage, back to their room to rearrange themselves. Shermie accidentally opened the door of Chris' room while his changing his clothes and shouted in a high pitched voice again.
Chris: Out! Out!!
Shermie closed the door nervously while saying 'sorry' to Chris. Then Chris came out from his room with an angry face, and looked at Shermie.
Chris: You could've knocked the door.
Shermie: I thought you were just packing your things up.
Chris: I was, then I changed my clothes from those who grabbed me with their food.
Shermie: Oh..
Yashiro: C'mon, let's go home now.
They picked up their things and went home, and arrived in a late time. Chris sat on the sofa while stretching his body and cracked his knuckles.
Chris: That was a long day!
Yashiro: Sure it is! And crowded.
Chris: Hmm...
Yashiro: What?
Chris: Just thinking about those fans.
Yashiro: (He's still like usual..antisocial. There must be a way to get rid of this!) Get used to it. Everytime, new people discover us, and get interested about us.
Chris: Other than that. But, it doesn't matter anyway.
Shermie: Quit the chit chat and let's go to sleep.

To be continued

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