Well it feel fantastic being back although I doubt I shall be back as often as I used to be. I just could not quit you, Gaia. You are far too much fun. But goodness me is it strange to see how much you have changed! It will take some time earning all my gold back and getting used to the newer features Gaia has added. But it shall be fun regardless.

But wow, it feels odd to be back. I turned 18 in September and I will be enlisting in the Navy this February. I am expecting to be sent out to Basic sometime in the Summer, late July or early August. The career I am looking to get into is something falling under an Intelligence Specialist, specifically an Operational Intelligence Analyst. As an OPINTEL Analyst, I would be translating and using satellite intelligence. I dearly hope I qualify.

It has been a battle these past few months. I have been forced to miss a large number of days of school this semester and it is proving difficult to catch up. Not only that, but I am attempting to gather up the last minute required documents I need to graduate. And then all the exercising I have had to do to maintain my weight standard for the Navy. Busy busy!

But there definitely have been some good things happening this year as well. I am in a happy long distance relationship with a wonderful man who treats me so kindly, I love it. Hopefully I get to meet him in person before I get sent out because once I leave, I have no idea where I will be or for how long or how much contact I will be able to have with him or anyone else. Kyle and I have created a ChipIn to get him to SakuraCon 2013 and hopefully we can raise the funds to get him up here. I hate asking for money from others, but we both know that he and I have no chance of meeting if we have to raise funds all by ourselves.

If you could spare some cash or at least pass this link around, it would mean so very much to the both of us. This is our last chance for an incredibly long time to see one another. Thank you. <3

-->Get Kyle to SakuraCon!<--