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When my bottled feelings want to explode
I write them out to calm down...so these are thoughts running through my head
Well, it is Christmas eve, so I guess I will give an update before and after Christmas and gift exchanges. =)

I usually enjoy Christmas because I get to buy things for the ones I love and I usually try to not make a big deal about getting presents. I mean, until that one year where, out of a family of over 20+ people, I only got 2 presents, one from my parents and a shirt from a cousin. I mean, I usually don't care because it's the thought that counts, right? I don't know, everyone else had a bunch of presents so it kinda hurt thinking that, people forgot about me? They didn't want to get me a present? The next year, i just got myself a Christmas present, the movie, The Gremlins. In which, I have still not watched this movie because I am scared to watch it alone .-. but that year I got a couple presents, materialistic but I felt better but didn't care so much because i had a boyfriend, as shallow as it is, so he could always make me feel better.

So onto this year! I am making, well not making but suggested my boyfriend get me a necklace because.. well I want one and it was either ask him or parents. I got Kai a bunch of Jelly Belly related things and two books and stuff, update later. Umm,, tired and sleeping now but... yeah, Happy Christmas Eve =D

Updated: Two days after Christmas

So Christmas was really nice this year. Probably the best one in awhile, all thanks to having a boyfriend and parent's got me a nice present. I guess I will break down what all I got.

My parents got me a Naked palette by Urban Decay. I got 130$ total, a 10$ gift card to Forever 21, lip gloss and a tank top from family and family friends. Oh yeah, I also got a Hershey's XL chocolate bar from Erik, though Kai's brothers got Russell Stover, not bitter but heh. Best boyfriend evAr though! He may have not paid for half of a cruise trip, but he did get me Sweet! by Holly cupcakes (hot chocolate, mint chocolate, gingerbread, and smores(?)), a cute lion stuffed animal, a Pusheen necklace( biggrin ), a Good Eats:The Early Years book (I cannot tell you how excited I am to get this book) , a vinyl figure of a pvz character( I cannot recall the name of it but it is... a single pea shooter!) and I think that is it because I can't remember anymore. From his family, I got a cute monster hat from Devon, a coloring book from Seaton, two pink patterned storage boxes, and a bat apron from his parents. Man!, I am so spoiled. Best year ever smile

So many presents this year!, and people wonder why I am such a princess! Haha, just kidding, kinda. It was funny though, when I realized at Kai's house, I call myself a princess, but here, I am basically a guy. Kinda opposite but not really, i guess just going towards opposite sides of the spectrum. =P

Oh yeah, Christmas dinners were okay. At my cousin's, people kept thinking the white chocolate chip brownies I made were "male brownies" (because nuts) but there were no nuts in it! It was still a good trip because it wasn't bad and there was a pool table and so everyone chilled and talked so it was nice.

Going to dinner with Kai and Erik's family was okay. I mean, we went to Buca...del peppo, I don't remember the rest of the name, but this place is a'ight! I mean, Christmas dinner, there are nicer places and, according to Thomas, there are other places open, they just close earlier. I mean, I would have rather gone to Silver Star, which closed at three that day. Dinner was okay, i still don't like Kaitlyn and I was just criticizing their posture and table manners because it did not look good. I guess in a way, in Thomas's words, it looked kinda "trashy" but that also might be me thinking I am better than them because I don't like them, but I justify it to myself as, good table manners... they are a thing. To be honest, the conversations were okay, i was in some and out of some. So to be honest, I am positive that Kai's family does not understand why I dislike Kaitlyn. I guess she can be a nice person but I know her and I try to let go of the past but she, being who she is, makes it hard to forgive her for what a jerk she is. She still thinks she is better than me and I am a boring whatever person. I am sure I will forget it, but just her tone on how she said "have you even had~ tiramisu?" Because Bucca has the best tiramisu? Yeah right, you just love desserts so everything is good, I bet. Go home and drink your Kurig(?) coffee because it is so good and the best coffee evAr, eh? Mom said maybe she didn't know what her tone was like, oh? She knows, I know i am mean to people but I am not condescending towards people because that is rude. Ya hear me? FREAKING RUDE. I will never like her. To be honest, I hope Erik and her stay together forever, and that one day, Erik will wake up, looks at his wife and kids and realize what a mistake he has made and... no. I am being so mean I can't even go there, but I don't like Kaitlyn. I try to start new, but she seems to enjoy bringing me back to disliking her. To be honest, she is the only person I still dislike to this day, and it is not without reason. She is rude, condescending, and she does not know her place or manners, at least when I have been around. Funny thing, to me is, Erik even admitted to Kaitlyn not being what he is attract to so yay for having a boyfriend who actually likes me biggrin

Also, another thing I didn't find cool was, "Hey, what did Kai get you for Christmas?" and then cutting me off by bragging about how Erik helped pay for half of your cruise trip, though I think Erik did that but Kaitlyn was getting there. That was rude but in my mind, I am just like, whatever, I went on a cruise years ago, the second week it was operating, so it was basically new and I had tons more fun with people I liked. Worked!

Anyways, it was a Merry Christmas, aside from Kaitlyn and Erik, and i hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Also, maybe I'll see Katie this year, if she drives down. I have little hope but it is there and it is always nice to see her. =)

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Demonic Looking Angel
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 29, 2013 @ 08:11am
Honey, I would friggin walk to Gainesville to see ya.

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