Some say space is the final frontier, the border humanity has never crossed. Infinite, dark, dismal almost. Tiny stars stretch themselves across the cosmos forming strange prophetic shapes. While the universe is so large to you, so infinite, it's only a speck. In truth, there are many planes of existence, many universes, many Earths that are equally small, equally a speck, and not even worth looking at. Each names itself something different, with different Gods, different ideals, different ways or worship, or no Gods at all.
Imagine, millions of questions that you have in your life being answered right now.
Imagine, what if you HAD asked that boy out?
What if you HADN'T stolen that cell phone?
What if you HADN'T made any friends?
What if that car had hit an inch closer and killed you?
What if your mother was psychotic?
What if your father was an abusive drunk?
What if your family never wanted you
What if you were shut out, depressed, alone?
and finally...
What if you had never been born?
What if you died?
What if the world was never thrust into an industrial revolution?
What if we were still in medieval times?
The time of the Old West?
Something in between?

All of these questions had been answered in a different world, a different universe, somewhere, far beyond mans initial reach. We think about these questions day in and day out, questions about us, but never about history.
Once again, I implore you to imagine what life would be like if the Third Reich had succeeded and the world was under Nazi influence? What if ancient Rome had never fallen? What if Greece was conquered by Persia?
What if America lost to the British and never became a country?

An infinite amount of these questions lie answered somewhere far beyond our understanding. The finite mind cannot grasp the infinite. You may think, "But I can think of infinity, it's just a mass of universes and colors!" This isn't the case, because imagining that is you using your finite mind to understand something that cannot be understood. In some universes, there was no Earth. In others, Earth was destroyed by nuclear war.

But nothing can begin without a beginning. Even infinity is no exception to this rule. To think that each universe popped up is a stupid thought, push that way.
No my friends. The universes surround a single nexus, a middle. Each universe is but a thread in a spiders web but what lies in the eye of that web? What remains in the center?
Do you seek the answer? Do you wish to venture to the center and find what lies there, keeps tabs on each universe, makes sure they all stand together in one unseen tether? The thing that binds all living creatures and non-living ones. All planets exploding with life, and the remains of the exploded ones. Universes past your understanding and past my own.

The Nexus is in trouble, it's being torn down, being destroyed because as with everything there is always someone or something that wants to destroy everything. Someone that wants to bring every universe to a complete end. These people have always existed but near all of them operated in their own universe, trying to conquer their own planets.
Of course, there is a first for everything.

Will you journey to the center?
Will you save existence or destroy it?
Will you bring light or dark?
Life, or death?

Somewhere, in some far off universe, you've already answered these questions.