is getting under my skin.

Emily had me watch the movie Tuesday night. I only got about halfway through the book before I gave up, because I don't like Jane Austen's writing. She focuses too much on feelings and junk, and not enough on stuff that's actually happening. *sigh*

so. the movie was absolutely adorable, and while I was confused by the end, it was happy. After it was over, I just sat there & tried to remember exactly how Elizabeth went from despising this man and insulting him when he tried proposing to saying, "Okay, marry me now I love you forever and ever!"

and after mulling it over for a few days, I finally dragged out the book (yup, I own a copy...), picked a spot about 2/3 through that I remembered from the movie, and speed-read until I found what I was looking for.

kind of. ended up reading pages at a time, going over scenes from the movie. (They used exact quotes from the book, which pleased me greatly ^^) In what I read, Elizabeth was embarrassed by Darcy's talking to her at his mansion & later on, but that didn't show through in the movie.

and her feelings were truly as muddled as I perceived them to be. she was angry at him, angry at herself for being angry at him, yet had a growing respect for him because of what other people thought of him.

Austen kind of over-analyzed the end. Darcy went on for pages and pages about stuff in the past, and how he regretted everything, and Elizabeth went on her own tangent about it. They basically summarized the entire book & what they were "really" thinking then. Didn't even kiss. xD

AND WHAT GUY IN REAL LIFE WOULD HAVE IT IN HIS MIND TO BE CIVIL TO A GIRL WHO JUST TURNED DOWN HIS PROPOSAL AND INSULTED HIS EXISTENCE IN HER LIFE. That was cute. and frustrating. That he was able to still talk to her (very awkwardly in the movie, and with a lot of blushing for both him & Elizabeth in the book) and even went so far as to help two of her sisters get hitched was... a sure sign of love?

seriously, he's a lovesick puppy version of Rhett Butler.


and there was no "You can only call me Mrs. Darcy if...." scene in the book. My disappointment knows no bounds. It ends along the lines of, "By the way, they got married, and everyone was initially mad at them or trying to take advantage of them but it all worked out in the end and Elizabeth and Darcy appreciated the angry old b***h for getting them together in the first place."


so yeah. irksome. I thought I would enjoy the book more after I saw the movie, but watching didn't really do anything for me except better understand what Jane was trying (and failing) to do in the book.

blargh. well at least that's taken care of and I can move on with life now. it doesn't feel like a complete story for some reason, but oh well.

speaking of the classics, I can't find my Crime & Punishment book. I've tried about 3 times to start that book, but I never have enough time to get more than the first few chapters underway. Started reading Great Expectations last night, sounds interesting so I might keep going haha.

at home now! wanted to take a nap, but I think if I fall asleep I'm not waking up again until 7 tonight (& I'm going elsewhere overnight tonight, leaving around 4)

happy apocalypse. i should do something exciting today.