"now lets begin" a young woman in a white scientist coat, she stood over a group female corpses laying on metal cots on a over hang, peering through the bars was her son, a 5 year old boy watching her. the scientist started to cut apart the bodies with professional skill, the boy watched with wide brown eyes. the scientist took the pieces of flesh, organ, and bone to form a beautiful woman like puzzle. "now the brain" she said reaching into a green liquid filled tank with gloved hands and took out a brain "honey, what kind of hair should out little experiment have?" she said looking up at her son "RED!" he shouted with exciment. the mom placed the brain into the empty skull and started to reanimate the body. she sent thousand upon thousand volts of electricity that she was getting from the city's power grid, the body didn't move. "umm mama I think it failed" the son said, "I know victor" she said removing the brain and putting the body on ice "we can try again later." a few months later the scientist was killed by an angry mob leaving her son to be raised by his mom's sister and her family.

20 years passed and victor stein grew up to be a smart young man, he was attending college when he met his girl friend, a beautiful, out going, young woman whom he loved dearly till she went out on a camping trip and never came back, it took victor a month to find her, victor had found her frozen in a glacier, he body was destroyed, but her brain wasn't "I'm gonna save you" he muttered holding her frozen body. he placed her brain into the frankenstein's monster's body and reanimate, the electricity reactivated her brain "(instert your rpc's name here)?" victor said looking over her "please be ok." it worked at the same time it didn't, her brain like a computer was wiped clean, so he had to teach her everything over again. a year passed and victor dropped out of college and opened a clinic in his home town "wheres that thermoniter?" he shouted.