I was told the other day that i have the broadest range of music on my ipod he has ever seen. At the time it took me by surprise due to the fact he never complimented my musical tastes, just put them down for not "being good music". I would always come back with the answer "taste is a matter of opinion." and it is but when he told me that it started to bother me over time because sure i like a little bit of everything but i take music from all sorts of outlets from my life and they accumulate over time. for example: when i was 16 i would walk home from school and listen to the same band/songs due to my possessive need to listen to a song over and over again like a drug til i know the notes, lyrics and melody like the back of my hand. but even to this day if i play the songs id listen to repeatedly id think back to walking home, The time id walk home in the rain and slowly strip down to just a t-shirt and shorts as i got closer to home to feel the cool touch of the rain on my skin. or the time id walk home when it was so hot itd burn my feet through my shoes. Doesn't everyone have this ability? to be able to react this way towards music. to hear the beauty in a symphony or the pain in someones voice. the emotions poured into a song about his daughter or the tears streaming down the bow as it is wiped against a violin. music reaches out to me and draws me in like a drug. i don't say this lightly but without music id have no sanity, no peace and absolutely no patience towards others. Music to me is as natural as words are. but music is more than just a rhythm, melody, lyrics and styles. it comes from the soul. expression through music has led to some of the most wonderful pieces of music written.