Well Shucks pperhaps i should of made entry like this Earlier..
Well if your reading this After 21st, Awesome. So confesion time

I'm crazy as some of you may know, like the mental, vision haunting, Twitching thing. I've stuped up to that level, why? Well it's actaully built around the whole end of the world thing- Or suposingly. Well anyway, if the world doesn't end i've already arrange Help for me. going to start whole new after that day. I've already aquired numbers of psycolgist, to fix me up and some other stuff, like speach and to finally learn grammar. So i'm good.

PS: I visited my, child hood or atleast where i basicly grew up at. My dad's pizza shop, that he use to own. I had a emotional connection with this place and to come back after like 6 years. So much has change. Now's it's a ******** convienient store. I go in, Wanted to just choke to death on the floor. Every where i looked i had flash abck of everything i did. it was hard to take it in and some how, i ended up buying rite aid kit. Da Fuq? I'm just complicated. Atleast i was able to let it all behind.