Someone on DA actually got me thinking about this recently...

1. Absolutism is not a realistic mindset.

If you teach a child that lying is wrong, remember to also teach them when it's best to just keep their mouth shut.

Freedom of speech does not mean others will agree with what you say, and it is not a violation of your freedom for them to tell you you're wrong.

Disagreement is not a lie. You would be very vain to assume so.

2. Having an opinion and acting upon it are two different things.

It's possible to be pro life personally, but pro choice politically. The difference is what you would do yourself, and what you think other people would/should do in the same situation.

It is just as fallacious for a third party to come in and announce that all pro lifers are for forced abortion as it is to say all pro choicers are sluts and whores.

Also, for the people who assume birth control advocacy is an accusation of sluthood, get over yourselves. If you're smart enough to practice safe sex anyway, you have no reason to be offended because you're not part of the group they are attacking. How difficult is this to grasp?

3. If weed is illegal, why isn't caffeine?

The goal isn't to treat all drugs equally, it's to moderate the ones that can potentially cause harm, either directly or indirectly. Weed may not kill you but enough of it can still impair your judgement (you don't need to be a raging drunk to cause property damage, all it takes is laziness and negligence). Caffeine is capable of this but you'd need to ingest a far greater amount for it to be dangerous.