From my travels, numerous anti-gun and pro-gun enthusiasts can't really make an argument.
It's why I don't care one way or the other which "side" wins this one. You're fighting over a toy.

The thing about the Pro-Second Amendment morons is that most of them are law-abiding citizens one way or the other. You offer them a refund plus interest or at least double the price they paid per gun in order to go around, collect and destroy every last gun in existence, they'd gladly surrender it. You see, most of these people will obey the law, no questions asked. They won't touch most other laws, and they're all about being the law abiding citizen. Then, after they're done gladly handing them over, they'll come on the internet and whine about their toy being removed. (They wouldn't dare standing up to a police officer coming to take the gun as if they were people with an actual will to stand up for something.)

These people also advocate the "concealed carry" nonsense. They advocate being the one per one hundred person in a crowd that has, can afford or are actually willing to have a gun. They're rarely even at a "crime scene" (law abiding definition), and as much as they advocate, the majority of the country doesn't even care about even owning one, buying one or going through tedious classes, and they probably aren't even willing to take part in the conversation. (I honestly don't care about even typing this.) Of course, this isn't about the people's choice to "conceal carry", this is about forcing a regulatory mandate that pretty much requires everyone, as per job application, to be able to fire one. You'd pretty much guess that only like-minded people would ever dare to sign up for any job at that point.

"Oh, but my house got robbed while I was away! If I had a gun, I could have prevented it!"

Many gun owners get robbed and can't do sh*t about it. Some are so damn confident in their ability to hear someone entering their house while they're asleep that they actually leave their doors unlocked under the assumption that, "Go right ahead and come in! I'm f*cked in the head and want to shoot you!" Of course, said jackass would have a lovely time explaining their completely sound reasoning about leaving the door unlocked to the court when they get robbed. There's a difference between "breaking and entering" and "walking through a deliberately unlocked door", and that difference is that you're probably not going to hear a door open normally in comparison to breaking a window or breaking down the door.

As for the anti-gun people, quite a few of them talk about psychological screening before getting a gun. Of course, that doesn't predict how someone could have some type of nervous breakdown from the time they bought the gun at age 25 to the time they killed someone at age 26. They passed the test which didn't solve anything.

Pretty much everything the anti-gun people say is moronic, but of course that always gets poorly countered by the pro-gun people whose stance can best be summed up as, "Daddy wants to take away my toy!" They'll b*tch and moan, but they won't fight if it gets realized, because that would be illegal.

The people that don't have a gun in the crowd are not "anti-gun" as the pro-conceal-carry people in their extreme paranoia like to claim, and the people without a gun does not mean they're on the anti-gun people's side like the anti-gun people like to think. Most everyone who doesn't have a gun has numerous reasons for not having one; price, willingness, etc. As for me, I just plainly don't care. I'm the one in the group that doesn't care about owning it, firing it, buying it, and I all around just plainly don't give a sh*t. You want to come shoot me? Go right ahead; put me out of the misery of having to deal with your wretched gun argument.

I've not seen many good arguments from either side that merits mentioning.
Guns have their basic functions that sometimes prove necessary.
The pro-gun advocates bring up utterly nonsensical points to combat other nonsensical anti-gun points, and are so against the illegal ownership of guns that if in fact they were outlawed, they would also be against their own illegal ownership of them and will gladly give them up, few or no questions asked.
Have a nice f*cking day.