Ever thought about what you'd do if hell broke out in the world? what would you do?
This is a topic i go over about 50 times a day in my head, not out of paranoia or fear but as an intriguing "game" if you will. one where lives are nothing more than another target on the other hill. Expendable.

With today's events going on such as the gun control motion everyone is pulling for and American rights being slowly taken with the coming years its becoming more plausible that a civil war could be over the horizon. If civil war does break out in America it would be the start of a global war. Nations would try to move in on the already weakened America to claim as their own and we would have no defenses other than nuclear power which in turn could be catastrophic. No i haven't watched a movie to motivate these thoughts nor read any books. this is a normal daily thought process.

My plan would pack necessities and get off the west coast, for it is a strategically vulnerable area until you get to higher ground being the sierra nevada mountains. Depending on the actual events taking place at the time id either stay there and hold in a hill or make my way across the country fulfilling my darkest thoughts, and feelings until i met my end probably in a random occurrence due to wandering lost in thought rather than not paying attention to detail like i was taught.

Other people would bring nothing but dead weight and luggage (emotionally, mentally) that in a situation like that would not hold up well being tied into survival but if i did head east i would pick up those whom i found to be close to myself over these past few years and giving them a proper burial if they didn't last past the initial attack. whatever situation ended up playing out in the end.

Im going to stop their due to the beginning stages of rambling and fear of getting into other variables, situations and outcomes that could play out. I leave you with this thought. Think about what you'd do even if it were just a destination or to be with loved ones. make sure you know that way if s**t does hit the fan you can keep a level head and know that you thought about what you'd want to do and now i have to do it.