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Setsuna's workings
List of stuff that I have been working on!
Unisexing To-Do list.
Hey Y'all! So, I do not think I will be able to get a unisexing update out before the end of the month, but I will probably have one in early January. I'm sorry! The end of the year is a very busy time for us! To put it into perspective, I typically do about 5-10 items a month (then with male/female, back and front, standing and sitting, it ends up being more around 80 individual pieces I am working on) this month I did 40 and an illustration! Which means, I worked NONSTOP from Dec 1st until today. The rest of my month is devoted to the holidays and working on painting shoes for clients (a side business of mine)

Anyway! Cecilia Davidson requested that I post a comprehensive list of the items that still need to be unisexed. Well, theres about 460 of them (used to be 600 when I started) and I'm not sure how long this journal will allow me to get but let's see. LET'S DO THIS!

These are just the names of items that need unisexing of some type. I could of split them between male and female, but that would of taken me years lol! It took me 8 hours to compile this list alone. @__@ Before, you ask, I know for a fact that these are all the gold shop items that need unisexing. I personally went into our system and started at the very first item ever made and checked every single item to see if they needed unisexing until I was confident that unisexing had been put into effect.

I have them split into groups alphabetically, For example, the Class set are put together even though their names (blue class pants, red class pants, etc. etc.) are not alphabetical themselves. I decided the “group name” by picking what I felt was the operative/theme word for the sets (i.e. “class” in class pants set, “baggy” for baggy shorts, shirts, etc) I hope it makes sense! I makes sense to me anyway and I am the one who has to deal with it! XD I felt this system was easier than alphabetizing by name alone because I would then have to sift through a billion items that start with “blue” or “red” Although, if the item is solitary (only one needing unisexing) then it is listed alphabetically by its name.

Baggy Gray Sweat Pants
Baggy Yellow Sweat Pants
Baggy Green Sweat Pants
Black Baggy Jeans
Coal Baggy Jeans
Sandy Baggy Jeans
Black Baggy Shorts
Blue Baggy Shorts
Tan Baggy Shorts
Brown Baggy Shirt
Moss Baggy Shirt
Rust Baggy Shirt

Ocean Beach Sandals
Ruby Beach Sandals
Tropical Beach Sandals

Black Beatnik Skirt
Brown Beatnik Skirt
Midnight Beatnik Pants
Purple Beatnik Skirt
Raven Beatnik Pants
Rust Beatnik Pants

Black Leather Buckle Shoes

Blue and White School Shoes

Leather Boot
Oxblood Leather Boots
Silver Boots

Brown Hush Kittys

Blaque Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper
Brahown Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper
Poiple Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper

Cream Capri
Dark Red Capri
Wool Capri

Brown Cargo Shorts
GreenBlue Cargo Shorts
DarkBlue Cargo Shorts

Beige Carpenters Pants
Black Carpenters Pants
Gray Carpenters Pants

Black Castaway Shirt
Castaway Black Shirt
Castaway Blue Shorts -M
Castaway Pearl Shirt
Castaway Rust Shorts
Castaway Rust Shorts - M
Castaway Stone Shorts
Castaway Stone Shorts - M
Castaway White Shirt
Pearl Castaway Shirt
White Castaway Shirt

Casual Baby Blue Sneakers
Casual Gray Sneakers
Casual Red Sneakers

Blue Class Pants
Red Class Pants
Slate Class Pants
White Class Sock

Charcoal Plaid Classroom Skirt
Ruby Plaid Classroom Skirt
Violet Plaid Classroom Skirt
Blue Classroom Sweater Vest
Red Classroom Sweater Vest
Tan Classroom Sweater Vest

Black Clog
Victorian Rose Clog
Wooden Clog

Gray Collar Shirt
Red Collar Shirt
White Collar Shirt

#000000 Complex Shoes
#000000 Complex Shoes M
#0000FF Complex Shoes
#0000FF Complex Shoes M
#603913 Complex Shoes
#603913 Complex Shoes M
#0000FF Complex Shirt M
#FF0000 Complex Shirt M
#FFFFFF Complex Shirt M

Blush Couture Pants
Blush Couture Skirt
Coal Couture Pants
Coal Couture Skirt
Leather Couture Pants
Leather Couture Skirt
Slate Couture Pants
Slate Couture Skirt

Baggy Black Dairy Pants
Baggy Brown Dairy Pants
Baggy Grey Dairy Pants
Blue Dairy Workshoe
Brown Dairy Workshoe
Green Dairy Workshoe

Daisy's Breeze Dress
Daisy's Shoes
Daisy's Sunny Shoes
Daisy's Warm Dress

Firestorm Dragon Gown
Firestorm Dragon Slippers
Icemist Dragon Gown
Icemist Dragon Slippers
Jadeleaf Dragon Gown
Jadeleaf Dragon Slippers
Nightwind Dragon Gown
Nightwind Dragon Slippers

Dark Educate Shoes
Mist Educate Shoes
Rum Educate Shoes

Elegant Blue Dress
Elegant Blue Slippers

Embroidered Blue Jeans
Embroidered Brown Jeans
Embroidered Pebble Jeans
Embroidered Stitch Blue Jeans
Embroidered Stitch Brown Jeans
Embroidered Stitch Pebble Jeans

Fancy Slippers
Fancy Virgin Dress

Fashionable zipper boots black
Fashionable zipper boots oxblood
Fashionable zipper boots suede

Fat Lace Sneakers Fuzzy Blue
Fat Lace Sneakers Fuzzy Gray
Fat Lace Sneakers Fuzzy Green

Felicia's Beautiful Gown
Felicia's Beautiful Shoes
Felicia's Graceful Gown
Felicia's Graceful Shoes
Felicia's Wise Gown
Felicia's Wise Shoes

Fitted Blue Top
Fitted Red Top
Fitted Purple Top

Flared Blue Jeans
Flared Black Jeans
Flared Brown Jeans
Flared Denim Jeans
Flared Sepia Jeans
Flared Stonewash Jeans

Flashion Blue Shoes
Flashion Blue Shoes
Flashion Blue Top
Flashion Magenta Shoes
Flashion Orange Shoes
Flashion Pants Aqua Trim
Flashion Pants Emerald Trim
Flashion Pants Pink Trim
Flashion Purple Shoes
Flashion Purple Top
Flashion Yellow Shoes
Flashion Yellow Top

Black GetaGRIP Pants
Maroon GetaGRIP Pants
Purple GetaGRIP Pants
Black GetaGRIP Skirt
Maroon GetaGRIP Skirt
Purple GetaGRIP Skirt

Golden Dress
Golden Slippers

Black Goth Boots - M
Green Goth Boots - M
Red Goth Boots - M

Blue Grecian Sandals
Blue Grecian Top
Grecian Sandals Brown with Rose Trim
Grecian Shorts Blue
Grecian Shorts Brown with Rose Trim
Grecian Shorts Green
Grecian Top Brown with Rose Trim
Green Grecian Sandals
Green Grecian Top

Grey Middle School Shoes

Girl's Gung Xi Shoes
Girl's Gung Xi Top
Guys Gung Xi Shoes
Guys Gung Xi Top

Blue Leather Hiking Boots
Brown Leather Hiking Boots
Raw Leather Hiking Boots
Bark Hiking Shoes
Brown Hiking Shoes
Sky Hiking Shoes

Black High Tek Sandals
Black High Tek Sandal
Blue High Tek Sandals
Lazer High Tek Sandal
Neon High Tek Sandal
Raw High Tek Sandal

Blue Trim HIPster Skirt
Blue Trim HIPster Slacks
Green Trim HIPster Skirt
Green Trim HIPster Slacks
Red Trim HIPster Skirt
Red Trim HIPster Slacks

Blacklight Hoochie Pants
Dirty Brown Hoochie Pants
Leopard Print Hoochie Top
Raving Red Hoochie Top
Subsonic Silver Hoocie Top
White Neon Hoochie Pants

Opal Hot Pants
Pearl Hot Pants
Rouge Hot Pants
Liquid Hot Sandals
Red Hot Sandals
Wood Hot Sandals
Ash Hot Top
Burn Hot Top
White Hot Top

Blue Fade Jump Shoes
O-range Jump Shoes
Olive Jump Shoes

Black Leather Mini Skirt
Natural Leather Mini Skirt
Red Leather Mini Skirt

Lex's Blue Shorts
Lex's Blue Top
Lex's Dark Shorts
Lex's Dark Top
Lex's White Shorts
Lex's White Top

Long Black Socks
Long Red Socks
Long White Socks
Long Silk Skirt
Long Jean Skirt
Suede Long Skirt

Loose Knit Canary Yellow Top
Loose Knit Light Violet Top
Loose Knit White Top

Crimson Mink Jacket
Crimson Mink Pants
Suede Mink Jacket
Suede Mink Pants
Violet Mink Jacket
Violet Mink Pants

Morgana's Dress

Nice Grey Shirt
Nice Olive Shirt
Nice White Shirt

Womens Blue Nurse Shirt
Womens Purple Nurse Shirt
Womens White Nurse Shirt

Nut Buster Pants
Nut Buster Uniform

Ohh~cean Black Shorts
Ohh~Cean Black Trunks
Ohh~cean Blue Shorts
Ohh~Cean Blue Trunks
Ohh~Cean Red Shorts
Ohh~Cean Red Trunks

Basic Black One Piece Swimsuit
Lifeguard Red One Piece Swimsuit
Ocean Blue One Piece Swimsuit

Blue Phat Platform Sneakers
Gray Phat Platform Sneakers
Red Phat Platform Sneakers
Blue Phat Sneakers
Red Phat Sneakers
Gray Phat Sneakers

Canary Yellow Pimpin' Pants
Canary Yellow Pimpin' Skirt
Crimson Red Pimpin' Skirt
Red Wine Pimpin' Pants
Royale Purple Pimpin' Pants
Royale Purple Pimpin' Skirt

Black Pinstripe Shoes
Brown Pinstripe Shoes
Purple Pinstripe Shoes

Blacklight Punk Miniskirt
Leather Punk Miniskirt
Neo Punk Miniskirt

Black Racer Pants
Black Racer Shirt
Black Stripe Racer Sneakers
Blue Racer Pants
Blue Racer Shirt
Blue Stripe Racer Sneakers
Red Racer Pants
Red Racer Shirt
Red Stripe Racer Sneakers

Radicool Blackout Trim Top
Radicool Chill Trim Top
Radicool Pink Trim Top

Retro Scholar Cloudy Socks
Retro Scholar Grain Socks
Retro Scholar Rawleather Socks

Blue Ribbon Skirt
Brownie Ribbon Skirt
Pink Ribbon Skirt

High Noon R0x0rBilly Boots
High Noon R0x0rBilly Pants
Sunrise R0x0rBilly Boots
Sunrise R0x0rBilly Pants
Sunset R0x0rBilly Boots
Sunset R0x0rBilly Pants

Black Ruffled Top
Blue Ruffled Top
Breeze Ruffled Top
Red Ruffled Top
Sienna Ruffled Skirt
Violet Ruffled Skirt
Yellow Ruffled Top

Mid Day Yellow Sarong
Ocean Blue Sarong
Sunset Lavendar Sarong

Black Shirt
Red Shirt
White Shirt

Shoes That Have Kicked Many A Butt

Short Black Socks
Short Red Socks
Short White Socks

Maroone Slacks
Mustard Slacks

Black Sleeveless Silk top
Brown Sleeveless Silk Top
Red Sleeveless Silk Top
Sleeveless Charcoal Top
Sleeveless Cotton Top
Sleeveless Jade Top

Skull Biker Black Boots
Skull Biker Oxblood Boots
Skull Biker Steel Boots

Envy SLIK Skirt
Envy SLIK Slacks
Gloom SLIK Skirt
Gloom SLIK Slacks
Royal SLIK Skirt
Royal SLIK Slacks
Snazzy SLIK Skirt
Snazzy SLIK Slacks

Slotted Blue Top
Slotted Red Top
Slotted Purple Top

Bompin' Blue SneaKAZ M
Old Skewl Orange SneaKAZ M
TYT White SneaKAZ M

Brown Sneakers
Slate Sneakers
White Sneakers

Blacklight Spike Heels
Leather Spike Heels
Neo Spike Heels

Split Blackpearl Jacket
Split Blackpearl Pants
Split Cobalt Socks
Split Fuschia Jacket
Split Fuschia Pants
Split Fuschia Socks
Split Teal Jacket
Split Teal Pants
Split Teal Socks

Black sport sneakers
Gold green sport sneakers
Gold Sporty Sneakers
Navy Sporty Sneakers
Sport sneakers
White Sporty Sneakers

Blu Sport Swimsuit
Redd Sport Swimsuit
Yelo Sport Swimsuit

Blu Sport Swimtrunks
Redd Sport Swimtrunks
Yelo Sport Swimtrunks

Sport T-Shirt (77)
Sport T-Shirt (04)
Sport T-Shirt (13)

Black Street Pants
Black Street Pants
Red Street Pants
Red Street Pants
White Street Pants
White Street Pants

Blue Striped Polo
Blue Striped Shirt
Brown Striped Shirt
Brown Striped Sweater
Grey Striped Sweater
Red Striped Polo
Red Striped Shirt
Red Striped Sweater
Yellow Striped Polo

Stylish Auburn Winter Boots
Stylish Auburn Winter Boots - M
Stylish Auburn Winter Pants
Stylish Auburn Winter Skirt
Stylish Charcoal Winter Boots
Stylish Charcoal Winter Boots - M
Stylish Charcoal Winter Pants
Stylish Charcoal Winter Skirt
Stylish Ochre Winter Boots
Stylish Ochre Winter Boots - M
Stylish Ochre Winter Pants
Stylish Ochre Winter Skirt

Bark Suede Jacket
Plate Suede Jacket
Rawhide Suede Jacket

Sun Daze Brown Sandals
Sun Daze Cloud Sandals
Sun Daze DarkBlue Shirt
Sun Daze Golden Dress
Sun Daze Golden Shoes
Sun Daze Jade Sandals
Sun Daze LightBlue Shirt
Sun Daze Marine Dress
Sun Daze Marine Shoes
Sun Daze Velvetine Dress
Sun Daze Velvetine Shoes
Sun Daze Yellow Shirt

Superstar Green Pants
SuperStar Green Skirt
Superstar Purple Pants
Superstar Purple Skirt
Superstar Red Pants
Superstar Red Skirt

Blue Swimtrunks
Green Swintrunks
Red Swimtrunks

Black T-Shirt
Red T-Shirt
White T-Shirt

Black Tank Top with Highlight
Blue Tank Top with Highlight
Pink Tank Top with Highlight

Red Tied Top
Violet Tied Top
White Tied Top

Blacklight Tube Top
Leather Tube Top
Neo Tube Top

Orange Vacation Shirt
Red Vacation Shirt
White Vacation Shirt

Beige Vintage Town Coat
Lilac Vintage Town Coat
Gardenia Vintage Town Coat
Beige Vintage Stretch Pants
Lilac Vintage Stretch Pants
Gardenia Vintage Stretch Pants

Vintage Wash Blue Shirt
Vintage Wash Bootcut Black Jeans
Vintage Wash Bootcut Blue Jeans
Vintage Wash Bootcut Red Jeans
Vintage Wash Gray Shirt
Vintage Wash Tan Shirt

Whatever Blue Jean Shorts
Whatever Blue Jean Skirt
Whatever Gray Jean Shorts
Whatever Gray Jean Skirt
Whatever Tan Jean Shorts
Whatever Tan Jean Skirt

White Mid Sock

Witch Shoes

Earth Wool Trouser
Sand Wool Trouser
Stone Wool Trouser

Mid Day Yellow Wrap
Ocean Blue Wrap
Sunset Lavendar Wrap

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Dec 18, 2012 @ 05:47pm
Oh wow that's still a lot to go.. but I do appreciate the dent you've made into the project so thank you for all the hard work. heart

commentCommented on: Wed Jan 23, 2013 @ 02:49am
Wow, you've done a lot of work by going through each item individually! Thank you very much. :3

Masao Inaba
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Oct 16, 2014 @ 09:47am
Yes THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting all that work in. Gaia just announced they are now getting back to unisexing mote stuff and your list will be very helpful I'm sure smile

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