User ImageOkay, seriously. Selatiel is a baby dragon, which mean he probably hatched in the last 30 years after being in stasis for nearly a century. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of flying, and isn't so good at magic yet, so when he uses transformation magic he retains a lot of his natural traits. Until he started tagging along with Cassian he had never ventured out of the Frozen Plains, so he is still learning about the world outside of horrible icy kill-or-be-killed. He likes to learn about his environment by tasting, eating, and setting things on fire, which gets him in trouble a lot. Even though Cassian acts pretty cold towards him most of the time, Sel adores and is very protective of him.

Cassian is a dragon-eater, which means he has to kill and eat dragons to survive OR, as he's discovered, keep a dragon around as a magic-well. He's also got fancy orange magic called Penance, which he can shape into weapons, shields, wings, what have you. He is one of fourteen dragon-eater "siblings," which has given him a bit of a complex and very high standards for himself. He can be very standoffish and tends to treat most people with a certain level of scorn, but put even a little bit of alcohol in him and he becomes a very sociable (and sloppy) person. Cassian claims he is just raising Selatiel until he is large enough to be a decent meal, but deep down he values the little guy as one of his few and constant friends.

The two of them travel around and do that hero thing in exchange for money and food, because money is awesome and monsters are even less tasty than you'd think. So I guess a scene for them might be preparing for or engaged in combat. Selatiel also causes them a bit of trouble, though, so running away from a blazing village or something would also work. It doesn't much matter, as long as you have fun with these losers. :3