well hey.

been a while, eh?

so, I've been writing mini-entries that would eventually be a compilation entry, but this last one is huuuuuuuge and I'm not feeling like releasing all details anymore so I'll just give you the highlights:

-talked to RH Wednesday. Awkward, but glad it's done. Nothing happened.
-decided I'm not going to the wedding, and am instead coming home this thursday night
-went to a party thursday night & made cookies. saw a cute ag major, but that's about it haha.
-friday went to a concert followed immediately by a dance with a bunch of drunk college people. miserable.
-saturday uneventful shift at the station
-sunday morning shift one of the churches had a live feed of their children's program. promptly bawled my eyes out for an hour when i connected it with the Connecticut shooting.
-sunday night's shift was backwards
-finished up the essay & take-home test this morning
-made cookies Saturday night. I'm dying. all i've had to eat for two days is cookies and stale popcorn from pep band saturday afternoon.


Seven Nation Army is my theme for the next few days.

ladies and gents, let's get this over with.