I just had an interesting conversation with one of my good friends about relationships.. so I thought I'd get out what I feel like saying here in a journal entry.

Many people probably think differently about the things you're able to do in a friendship vs the things you're able to do in a relationship. I have my own set of rules that my mind follows, and I try to abide to them in most, if not all cases.

Here they are, as follows, in no particular order:

-- If I am single, and a girl I know is single, then I feel that it is okay for us to do one of the following: Remain good friends, go out on a couple dates, or go as far as we want, even into a full relationship with each other.

-- Me being good friends with a girl is NOT a valid reason for me to kiss her, or become physical with her in ways such as touching her in sensual ways, snuggling, sleeping in the same bed or having sex. That is stuff for people that are couples to do.

-- If a girl I'm good friends with is already in a relationship with somebody, then I would even moreso disapprove of doing with her any of the things I mentioned in the last rule.

-- I am of straight sexual orientation, but I will treat all good friends the same, whether they are guys or girls. We can hang out at each others' houses, go places, hang out with each others' friends, loan each other money (as long as we give it back to each other razz ), and show friendship affection with high-fives, handshakes, hugs, and maybe a quick kiss on the cheek. Nothing much more than that.

-- If I am in a relationship with a girl, she and I are allowed to kiss each other, hug each other, tell each other that we love them, and we could go the whole 9 yards, including cuddling, sleeping in the same bed, and sex. Of course, I would only do these things with her approval and not beforehand, because I don't want her to feel uncomfortable if she's not ready.

-- I don't believe in the concept of "friends with benefits". There is no such thing as good friends that can kiss, cuddle, and have sex. For me, it's either I'm in a relationship with somebody, or I'm not. If I'm IN one, I can do that stuff with them, otherwise I'd rather not do anything at all. Being sensual with a girl I'm only good friends with will confuse me, and somewhere down the road I will be fooled into thinking she wants a relationship with me, when in reality she doesn't. I like to see things as they literally are, and just throw all of the abstract concepts that are hard to explain out the window.

-- In the case of GaiaOnline, this is really just an online website. Gaia Towns is just a game. So on Gaia, many of these rules will either not apply, or just be less enforced. But as far as girlfriends on Gaia go, I would prefer not to "date" a girl on Gaia unless:

-- She plans on skyping with me sooner or later on a regular basis
(I'd prefer with video too. Most PC's today have webcams built in, so that
should not be a challenge)
-- She's 17 years or older
-- She lives a reasonable distance away from me that isn't too far.

So, congratulations... You've just read how my brain is wired. xDDD
Basically what I'm trying to say is, I feel more comfortable treating good friends like they're good friends, and my girlfriend like she's my girlfriend. It's just easier for my brain to process what's really going on that way, and it avoids me or anyone else from getting confused or hurt. ^^