We've set a date for the wedding, if everything goes as planned we'll be married on October 20th 2013.
By that time... I'll be an aunt. I'm so excited... This will be my first niece or nephew. Well I guess technically I'm already an aunt. Megen's older sisters all have children of their own. I'm apart of her family, so that would make me their aunt. Megen's youngest sister, Emily she's the one that's pregnant now. She's to young to be having children, but there ain't nothing that can be done about it now.. I'm worried about her.. She's my little sister too, and I'll protect her and look out for her just like I would my own blood. I love all of Megen's sisters like my own. They're my family, and I'm so happy that I have them. I'm so thankful, my birth mother may not give a damn about me, but I'm blessed, Megen's mom is like a mother to me, hell she is a mother to me, and I have my grandma too. So I have two moms. My life is really lookin' up now.